Handcrafted: Wood Planks

Hello my darlings! Happy Thursday to you. I have to apologize, yet again for my little disappearing act yesterday and this morning. The reason there was only one post yesterday, and no post until this one this morning, is that all day yesterday the power was out. And when it finally kicked back on at 5:00 p.m. I had other plans that did not allow me time to get anything done! 

Here I was planning on having some fabulous and fun items to show you for the opening of Luna and Chloe Handcrafted on Etsy - and I have nothing!  I had blocked off all day yesterday to get everything put together and photographed, and then get the pictures edited, uploaded, and items added to Etsy, which I needed a computer and power...and the majority of the day to do.  I decided that instead of driving myself crazy trying to get it started at 1:00 a.m., that I would just wait until next week to show you - so sorry!

So in the meantime, I have another super-duper easy handcrafted post for you today.  While this isn't something I created, it can easily be handcrafted with just a couple of items.  Have a look-see at these fabulous wood planks...
I just love them, don't you?  And they are something that you can handcraft yourselves!  With just some planks from the hardware store (have them cut to the length you need there - Home Depot will do this for you) and some stain you will be ready to recreate these lovelies.  However, if you wanted to add a bit more of a weathered and worn/vintagey look all you would need is a little sand paper to rough them up. 

The great thing about this project is that you can get the size of wood that works for the size of your tables.  Keep in mind loves, that you want to make sure you can still fit a plate on either side of the plank!  So a narrower plank will work best I think.  And you don't just have to stain them like above, you could paint them any color you like.  With all the fabulous paint color choices, I am sure you could find the perfect one for you!

~ Ciao

...photography by austin gros via style me pretty


  1. so unexpected! i love how rustic it looks!

  2. Such a fabulous idea! Pinning it to my wedding board asap! :)

  3. Love this easy way to dress up a table!

  4. These are absolutely gorgeous! Good to see you're keeping busy despite the crazy power!

  5. Very simple, yet unique center pieces. Sets the proper mood for the outdoor setting.

  6. I love these! Especially with the wooden cutlery from the pictures - a perfect combination!

  7. Love the simple, rustic feel of these centerpieces!