Color Crave: Earthy Green & Crisp White

Good morning darlings!  I just can't seem to be getting enough of green and white these days!  Especially with a side of brown and a hint of purple.  Don't you find yourself craving one color one day, and another color on another day?  Or sometimes for weeks or even longer?  I do...and it seems like it changes on a daily or weekly basis for me.  It's like I am craving these colors...if that's possible ;-)   Hence the title of this post ;-)  And I have decided to start a new series...which I think you might like! 

Anyhoo, I think I am going to have to do a display at the Inspired Collective in earthy greens and crisp white soon...hmm, sounds like a good plan, no?  I really love the natural and rusticness of the details here...paired with the crisp white linens, it makes for a look that I ADORE...and what I would call naturally beautiful!   I love the simple display of appetizers...
A fabulously earthy centerpiece that looks like it was just plucked from the garden, and some DARLING placecard holders...
And a couple branches to have guests hang wishes from, or can be used for an escort area...
All in a clean and crisp palette that still has some warmth and rustic vintage touches.  This is me defined I think.  Oh add a bit of glam in there and then it is ;-)  Well at least for today...because I will probably change my mind tomorrow...hehe ;-)  Hey, you all know how I LOVE options! 

Okay...I am off for a bit to finish up editing and writing my Handcrafted post that is coming up soon!  So check back around 10 am, and I will have some purple and gold inspiration for you ;-)

~ Ciao

...images via a magazine moment

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