Tuesday Thought: For the Birds

Hi lovelies!  Is the morning flying by as fast for you as it is for me?  Eeks - it's almost 10 a.m. and I still need to do this post.

As I was sitting here thinking how quickly time was flying by, I did a search in my photo stash for birds (this is how my brain works) and this pretty picture popped up...
Tuesday Thought
Brightly colored birds on branches!  I was so happy to see this pretty picture, as all of a sudden lots of thoughts started swirling and twirling around in my head ;-)  And you know I L-O-V-E that!

So here are a couple 'Thoughts' for you lovelies:  First, I think this would make a wonderfully whimsy centerpiece.  Just use urns or wood boxes or pots or whatever else you like, and fill with florist foam, add some branches, cover with moss and add some birds and viola - and easy and whimsy centerpiece! 

My second thought is to use these little fellas (the birds) as escort cards.  You could then be cute and ask guests to fly or flutter (I like this one) to their seat!  Or remember the 'Birds of a Feather Flock Together' wall quote I featured here from this same wedding?  Well you could always use this lovely quote and have your guests flock together to their table ;-)  To make just attach a tag hanging from the birds feet with your guests names and table number.  Or you could always do table by color...that way no writing table numbers down...a blue bird sits at the blue bird table.  However, I think I like all the colors of birds mixed together...so you could also name the tables after some of you favorite birds.

And my third and final thought today would be to use this idea for a wish/love note table for the bride and groom.  I would have guests write a note and add a bird to the branches with a wish/love note/etc... on it.  Cute, no?

Just some thoughts for you this Tuesday.  Hope your day is flying by...hehe ;-)

~ Ciao

...photography by arrow and apple via style me pretty

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  1. This is so pretty and adorable and I love it! I also love the idea of turning these birds into name card holders. Genius... ♥