Flowers of the Week: 9.26.11

Good Monday morning to you lovelies!  Did you have a fabulous weekend?  Tell me...what did you do?  My weekend was interesting - not necessarily in a bad or good way - just interesting!  I will share more with you in my next post coming up ;-)

But until then, I thought I would share the 'Flowers of the Week' with you.  Are you ready for some BREATHTAKING flowers to start off your day today?  Eeks...I sure do hope so lovelies because Oh My Goodness do I have some for you ;-)  Feast your eyes on this floral heaven...
Flowers of the Week
And here is the reverse view...
Flowers of the Week
Just as BREATHTAKING!  I am loving those fabric panels.  Now this is what I call OVER THE MOON, wouldn't you agree lovelies?  And I will give you one guess as to who is behind these flowers.  She's one of my faves, if not my fave florist!  You bet your buttons it's Flowerwild...she creates flower magic in my book ;-) 

Go ahead and hang out and stare for a bit...I did ;-)  See you back here soon lovelies!

~ Ciao

...images via flowerwild


  1. Kristi, that's insane. SO beautiful! I love the mix between the rustic and the sheer romantic. This will definitely be turning up in an inspiration board soon!

  2. How dreamy and lovely! Who wouldn't want to walk down that aisle!? ♥

    Nicky of JAF Gifts