2 Years And 2 Days Ago, But 11+ Years In The Making

...was my first post on LCW!  I can't believe it's been two years already.  I told you my weekend was interesting, and that is because I spent a lot of time reflecting on LCW - where I've been and where I want to go.

I went back and read some of my first posts...they were simple and to the point, but still me ;-)  I have always been in a small niche - one that's all about the DETAILS.  And while I have thought of changing this time and time again, I have stayed true to myself and my original idea of focusing on the details - that I am proud of.  I have come to the terms that LCW will never be one of the BIG blogs, and that's a okay with me, as that was never my goal.  LCW is not about posting real weddings (except for mine) and engagement shoots, and you won't see a flower post with 25+ bouquets - as this is not LCW and what LCW is about.  On occasion you will see a handful of pictures from inspiration shoots that I think are inspiring, or lots of details from a wedding or engagement shoot, but I try and focus on the DETAILS - one bouquet and why it's so spectacular.  In this way, it really makes you look at the bouquet, instead of just glancing at it...or so I like to think ;-).   Over the last two years, I have attempted my hand at a handful of DIY, ideas, thoughts, etc...  And while I still love them all - some of the execution and photography is not the best. 

My goals for the next year are finishing my blog makeover, opening the doors to Luna and Chloe Handcrafted on Etsy, and to start a wedding design, styling and planning business - named Luna and Chloe Weddings of course ;-)

I continue to plan on doing Inspiration to Creation posts, DIY's, ideas and thoughts, however, I am hoping that all of it is the best it can be.  I have had an amazing two years, and am looking forward to all the fabulousness that this next year has to bring!  I am finally immersing myself completely into the wedding planning world which is something that I have wanted to for over 11 years now!  Well really, since when I started planning my wedding 11+ years ago.  So it's about time that I finally am here.

And since this is my second anniversary for LCW, and I am not in a serious relationship currently, I now feel like I can actually post MY wedding that took place 11 years ago.  YES, I just said 11 YEARS AGO.  I am sure most of you are aware that I am no longer married, and because of that and for privacy, I have covered up Jon's last name.  I can't actually believe I am sharing with you the Elegant Bride magazine spread of my wedding...just keep in mind I HATED (and I almost never say that word!) my hair...and that it was 11 years ago!!!  So here goes loves...
My Wedding
And here is what the writing says, as you can't really read the above, if you want to read it...
My Wedding Wording
There are soooo many AMAZING pictures that I have from my photographer, Robert George, and all on film!  And I can't believe it, but I just went to get his web address and decided to have a look at his site, and this is what I found...
Me on his website - really, after 11 years?  Eeks...I was totally caught off guard in this picture...can you tell?  I so have the deer in the headlights look - at least I was smiling ;-)  Robert was standing on a table and had just taken a group shot with all the girls and guys in front of the big stone fireplace that was located in the center of the park, and he called my name and I looked up!  Oh, and the girl behind me is my BFF since high school, Stacie!  She flew all the way to Iowa from California with a 4 month old for my wedding - LOVE her and her husband who was on duty that night!!! 

Anyhoo, maybe one day I will dig the rest of the pictures out of storage and share some of those with you as well.  However, even back then I was all about the details ;-)  And while the above pictures show you a couple of them, there were soooo many more!

Here are just a couple of things about the pictures above - In the second picture with the program, I made Kleenex holders out of paper and tied them with raffia.  My wedding cake was in a vintage birdbath with netting around, to keep the bugs off.  The pickup truck's side mirrors had the most gorgeous bouquets ;-)  And yes a big yellow heart on the back with K + J in it and cans trailed from behind.  One thing the article didn't mention is that ALL of the bridal party was in the front and back of the truck - it was a sight to see my dears as I had 6 girls, and Jon had 14 guys ;-)))  However, there were chairs in the back that Jon and I got to sit on...and coolers of beer too...oh goodness the 1/4 mile drive to the park was FUN!

Also, there was a STUNNING lighted walk that was super-duper long, and a geode bridge that you had to cross over to get to the park with a creek that weaved it's way around it.  The servers were standing on the other side of the bridge with drinks in hand for guests...and all the hanging flowers swayed softly in the breeze.  I made 150 poppers - the kind you pull apart and pop - for the guests with a raffle ticket in each one.  You see, Jon and I had a raffle at our engagement party as a way to thank our guests for coming all the way to Iowa (as all our friends and family lived in Illinois and Indiana) and we ended up having a raffle at every other party including the wedding!  But I didn't want guests to know about the raffle, so after dinner the poppers were handed out with strict instructions that everyone was supposed to wait until everyone had one, which they did, and then on the count of 3 everyone was to open their poppers...and boy did they ;-)  And a roar of laughter was heard in the tent as everyone realized there was a raffle ticket inside.  Seriously, this was one of the FUNNEST things EVER.  It was dead silent as Jon started calling out numbers, and when the number was done the winners were jumping up so excited that you thought they had just won a new car...eeks - I can still picture it all!

Okay, I think I have shared enough for today!  More than I ever thought I would.  But really I want brides to know that NO MATTER how you do your wedding, you will ALWAYS remember it as an AMAZING day.  I'm not even married...and it was and is still amazing ;-)


~ Ciao

...photography by robert george via elegant bride magazine summer 2001


  1. such a great post, kristi! i love how you open up and share this special day with us - you're still just as gorgeous as you were then, maybe even more so, inside and out!

    yay for 2 years and many more for LCW!

  2. you look beautiful! yay for your blogiversary! you are so incredibly beautiful, kristi...but i knew that before i knew what you looked like.

  3. Horray for a wonderful anniversary, and such a gorgeous wedding! You looked beautiful, even if the hair isn't high on your list of favorites, and the details for your big day were as stunning as the details you share everyday!

    xoxoxoxox, Lena

  4. OMG!! How freakin' stunning are you? I love that you shared this with us, and love seeing details of the day. You honestly would not know it was 10 yrs ago!! Happy 2 yrs to L&C... I can not wait to see what you achieve over the next few years, I just know it's all going to be amazing!

  5. Happy blog anniversary. You were a beautiful bride! Looking forward to seeing all that is to come for you! Especially your etsy shop :) That is something I've always considered but at the present time just don't have the time to commit to! I'm sure you'll have great success!

    xo, chrissy