Handcrafted: Inspired Collective Display No. 2

It's that time again my darlings. Time for me to share another display I handcrafted for the Inspired Collective ;-)  Yay!

I have one major challenge with my display area, and that is flowers!  Since each display is up for a couple weeks, unless I want to bring in fresh flowers every week, I need to come up with other alternatives.  My first display used air plants, which last without water.  For this second display I am using dried hydrangea.  And while I am not a big fan of dried flowers, these hydrangea I dried myself...so I like them ;-)  And while I would have LOVED to have done this display in a different color palette, I let the dried hydrangea dictate the color palette.  And who knows what I am going to do for the third display ;-)  Happy I have some time to figure it out!

Also, I tried to keep the main elements the same - the desk of course, the soda crate, the apothecary jar, the bell jar  and books were all used in my first display (see it here)...so I decided to use them again here too.  The reason that I decided to do this is to show that by changing the details - it changes everything!  Plus it challenges me creatively.

Alrighty, enough chatter outta me ;-)  Here it is my darlings...
Do you want to see more?  Then head on over to Over The Moon Vintage Rentals Blog for all the details ;-)  See you there!

~ Ciao

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  1. This is such a darling setting! Wonderful work as always!

    Nicky of JAF Gifts

  2. Gorgeous!! I love the purple hues with the wheat colour.