Tuesday Thought: My Father's Daughter

Happy mid-morning my dears ;-)  I have been struggling a bit to get going this morning...I think it's the heat wave that hit yesterday and is hanging around today as well.  Not that I mind the heat, but after last week's cool, this week's heat seems even hotter - if that makes any sense.

And while I was trying to get motivated and into the swing of things around here this morning, I was in desparate need of some inspriation...that is until I ran across these pictures I had saved...

I am OVER THE MOON with not just the calligraphy here, but the page numbers too!  You see, the page numbers are where the recipes for the dish are located in the cookbook!  What cookbook?  Gwyneth Paltrow's cookbook, My Father's Daughter.  And this over sized chalkboard is such a great way to display the menu, no?  And of course it got me thinking...

So here is your 'Tuesday Thought' today my dears:  Use one cookbook for all the items on your menu, and then you could do as above - write the menu on a chalkboard with page numbers the recipes are on.  Then as favors, you could compile small books with each recipe that was on the wedding menu for the guests to take home.  Plus, you could always include something along with the recipe book...like a vinaigrette or butterball or berries ;-)  And even if you didn't choose the menu items from one cookbook you could still use this idea...just leave off the page numbers from the menu.  But you could still do small recipe books!

You could even do this for a homemade dessert table, and include all the recipes for each dessert that was featured.  I would love to give friends and family a cookbook, ask them to choose one recipe from it to contribute to the dessert table and then have it written up on a chalkboard with the page numbers along side.  For the guests I would not only give the recipes, but something from the dessert table as well.

I really L-O-V-E this 'Thought"!  It's personal, unique, memorable and something that I think your guests would enjoy...plus it works for any type of food.

Just a thought for you on this Tuesday my dears ;-)  Enjoy.

~ Ciao

...image via neither snow

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