Tuesday Shoesday #39: Gold Glitter Goodness

How about some glittery goodness to start out your morning this morning loves?  Since we are now in September, and September brings the official start of Fall, I think these gold glitter Miu Miu's would add just the right amount of golden sparkle to a Fall wedding...
And granted, while you might want to make a statement with glitter all over your feet, I think a subtle hint of glitter on your cake would make just as much a statement, don't you?
And let's be honest - would you really want to eat a cake that was covered in gold glitter?  Eeks, I don't really think I would.  Granted I know it's edible, but the thought of eating lots of it just doesn't seem that appetizing to me.  However, a hint of gold glitter would be fine with me.  How about you my dears - what are your thoughts?

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~ Ciao

...images via net-a-porter and sweetapolita (edited)


  1. Now that's an interesting idea. First of all, I just love Miu Miu (I even have a Miu Miu blouse - lucky me), and second of all I just love to decorate cakes. :) So, it's a win-win :)