Inspiration to Creation No. 2: Sneak Peek

It's Friday - hooray!  I am looking forward to this weekend that shouldn't be crazy busy ;-)  So with the extra time that I have, I have decided to bring you another 'Inspiration to Creation' post all week next week!  Sounds like fun, no?

And while I was cruising around looking to be inspired, this Spanish style table with cactus and succulents really was saying pick me, pick me...
Plus it had a fun DIY like this...
And lots of other fabulous things.  However, I am sure you have seen the shoot, but I didn't want to give to much away ;-)  I will be sharing all of the inspiration on Monday with you, and then Tuesday through Thursday I'll break it down and show you some DIY's.  On Friday I'll pull it all together and show you the 'Creation' - hope your excited loves! 

I'm off for the day...have some shopping to do ;-)  Enjoy your weekend lovelies!  I will see you back here on Sunday for some sweetness.  xoxo

~ Ciao

...images via green weddings shoes


  1. This such be a great Inspiration-to-Creation week coming up!

  2. I love the succulents + cactus! They look so pretty with that desert rose color, too.