Tuesday Thought: Caramel Apples

Happy Tuesdays my dears!  So I am finally starting to feel like myself again ;-)  Still feel like I need lots of sleep, but another day or two and I'll be back to 100%!

Okay, I know that caramel apples are nothing knew, but check these out...
carmel apples
Talk about dipped in something fun...these caramel apples have a little something extra special with a double chocolate drizzle or a dip into dried fruit, toffee bits, nuts, and/or cocoa nibs!

So here is your simply (as that's about all I can muster up today) 'Tuesday Thought' my dears:  I would LOVE to see a caramel apple station at a wedding!  Not one where the guests do it...but one where they go up and place their order, and choose their dipping ins ;-)  They can be made, with the guests names attached, and then the guests can pick them up later on in the evening after the caramel has cooled.  Or you can have each guest fill out a tag that has been at each seat with their name on it,and what they want...and then at the end of the night they can pick it up!  Plus, it would be fun for your guests to watch they make them if they wanted too!  Goodness with choices like chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, and nuts like macadamia's, pecans, almonds, and lots of other creative choices...your guests are sure to find something they like!  I think I want a caramel apple dipped in chocolate and then topped (or bottomed, depending on how you look at it) in macadamia nuts please - YUMMY!

Ooh and there would be so many cute ways to package them if you are giving them as favors!  Or if you just want to make your own...these are pretty easy to make, as you use wrapped caramels and chocolate pieces ;-)  You can get the recipe right HERE my dears.

Happy dipping my dears!
~ Ciao

...image via country home


  1. Caramel apple station=stroke of pure brilliance. If that's what you can come up with when you're sick, your creativity knows no bounds!

  2. I love the idea of the caramel apple station!! I would totally dip mine in chocolate chips ;}

  3. These look delicious. Would be such a fun addition to any fall wedding!