Handcrafted: Luna and Chloe Handcrafted

Well loves, the time has finally arrived that Luna and Chloe Handcrafted on Etsy is OPEN FOR BUSINESS!  Whew...FINALLY is all I have to say.  Well that - and is it Friday yet?  Because let me tell you this has been one heck of a week...ups and downs and all arounds to say the least.  And as I have said before, while I love roller coaster rides, I don't like them outside of amusement parks! 

I have been so busy this week (but I think I say that every week...which is a good thing really) working on a LARGE order of fabric fans, another order of pom pom tassels, working with a client for a craft party, and taking, editing and uploading pictures of all the items for the store...as it rained here on Monday, so I had to cram it all in on Wednesday. And on top of all that car trouble...costing around $1,500.00 currently, and then the news I received yesterday of my favorite Great Uncle passing away ;-(((( My LOW, as I adored my Uncle Louie - his roasted whole lamb with his handcrafted broom of rosemary and a bucket of secret marinade and seasoning, the memories I have of riding his horses, named Tom and Jerry, bareback as a child through his artichoke fields, and just his overall sweetness...he was my grandpa's brother all right!  So yes, I'm a little behind on where I wanted to be.

Okay sorry loves...didn't mean to get heavy on you.  So let me share my HIGH this week - the Grand Opening of Luna and Chloe Handcrafted.  I am so thankful that it is finally open for business.  Here's a sneak peek of a couple of items that are in the store...
There are still a couple of other items that will be added to the shop in the next week, so be sure to check back then.  However, there are more items in the shop than pictured above...so click HERE to get there quick to see all the glittery goodness!  And remember that everything is custom...so just about any color you want is available.

Also around mid-morning I plan on having a GIVEAWAY...that is custom to the colors of your choice!  You don't want to miss that, so check back soon ;-)

And P.S. - I have to tell you that I talked to my sissy on Monday, and she told me to get crafting with those glitter pinwheels for my favorite babygirl's, my niece Madi, birthday in December!  The store wasn't even open on Monday, and I already had my first order.  Yes I know she's family...but it still was nice to hear she loved them that much!  And lucky for her she is family, as family ALWAYS gets them for free ;-)  Plus, she has placed her order for the Glittered Party Animals and Pom Pom Tassels too...I guess I better get to work!  Now you see why I am always soooo busy...making things for family - HA, just kidding!  Not really, as I already picked up tissue paper, animals and glitter in red, yellow, blue and white...gotta love a circus theme...and tell me those party animals won't be fabulous.

~ Ciao

...concept, design, styling, crafting & photography all by luna and chloe handcrafted


  1. yay congrats on the launch!

    i'm so sorry to hear about your great uncle - sounds like you had some amazing memories with him to take with you though :)

  2. So sorry to hear about your uncle...
    Congratulations on your big opening!!!!

  3. Love all the gold details. These are so fun!