Flowers of the Week: 10.10.11

Hiya darlings ;-)  Did you all have a fabulous weekend?  Mine - well I was disconnected for most of the weekend...and you know what - I kinda enjoyed it ;-)  And then on Sunday I started a puzzle...I know I am a nerd, or a dork as my BFF calls me!  Hey, I've always known I was a bit different...HA! 

But seriously doing a puzzle is like making everything else in my world stop.  And let me tell you, not much else does that...except sleep...when I finally fall asleep.  However, I really have to watch myself and puzzles, because I will sit down and 4 hours later I look up, and not only has the time passed but the puzzle will be done.  It's a sickness I tell you!  At least it's not an awful one to have ;-)  I needed to take a little break from business while I had a chance, as I have a couple of things going on this week! 

First, I am just tickled to be working with a new client who is hosting a craft night for her and her girlfriends.  This is going to be such a fun project - and I am looking forward to helping put together all of the details - YAY!  And second, I am ELATED to finally be able to say, for a fact, that Luna and Chloe Handcrafted on Etsy will be open for business on Thursday this week ;-)  All together now - YIPPEE!!!  Thank you for being oh so patient with me about it all. 

So now I bet you are ready for me to quit chattering and to see the 'Flower of the Week,' no?  Well here they are darlings...
Flowers of the Week
How's that for some flowers to start off your week?  I just LOVE how they trail down and spill onto the ground.  You bet your buttons - this is another amazing creation by Kate of Flowerwild.  It's all so soft and pretty and dreamy.  Just what I need to get me through this week ;-)  Oh how I heart Monday's!

~ Ciao

...image via flowerwild


  1. spilling flowers...absolutely extravagant and lovely!

  2. i think flowers are a great way to start the week. lovely.

  3. Happy to know all is going so well!!! ;)

  4. the cascading flowers make it extra pretty!

  5. Wow that's stunning!!! I've been wanting to do a puzzle for ages but Jon keeps telling me I'm not 90!!! haha!! But like you once I start one that'll be the end of me for hours!