Tuesday Thought: The Note Book

So I just have to say it - one more day until my family arrives!!!  WEEEEEEE ;-)) I CANNOT wait to hug and kiss and sniff on my niece and nephew!  I have missed them soooo much I can't even begin to tell you.  I know, I know...I'll give it a rest, and get on with this 'Thought'.

The other day I was on Etsy looking for a particular item when I stumbled across this...
Tuesday Thought
A homemade notebook with a vintage deer on it! And I thought that it was just so dang cute that I had to see what else the seller, Arminho, had...which was lots of cuteness with a variety of different styles and colors to choose from.  So be sure to pop on over and have a peek.

Anyhoo, when I saw this Note Book (which is 4 x 5.5...a great size) I had a fabulous little thought or two ;-))  So here is your 'Tuesday Thought' my dears:  Use the Note Book as escort cards and favors in one!  Easy, no?

You can write the guests name and table number on the front.  Or I think they would be fabulous placed inside a little envelope or flat styled kraft paper bag.  I would write the guests names on the bag, the table number on the Note Book and wrap it up with a piece of twine - eeks so fabulous!  But I might be inclined to just write the name and table number on the bag and leave the Note Book nice and neat for them...all still wrapped up cute though ;-)  However, it really could be used in a variety of ways.

However, you could always just you them as gifts or favors.  Definitely something different...and you know how I like different!  Happy Tuesday my dears...wishing you a wonderful day ;-)

~ Ciao

...image via arminho's shop on etsy