LCW's First Annual Cake Week: Day 4

Hi darlings!  So here we are on 'Day 4' already...goodness it's gone by so quick it seems.  Today I don't have four cakes for you, but I do have a fabulous four tiered cake that I just ADORE!  Which is just as good, right?  Here is 'My Sweet Love'...
I love everything about this cake...the four tiers, the smaller base and the height, the sweet details, the real flowers on top and the darling garland! 

Tell me my darlings - how many tiers do you like?  Do you like a larger cake base, or a smaller more tall one?  And I noticed that all the cakes I posted so far are white...would you do a color?  Would love to hear all your lovely thoughts...so do share ;-)

~ Ciao

...image via 100 layer cake


  1. I love a white cake as long as there is interesting texture or something like olive leaves around it. Not too classic... a bit rustic (no surprises there right!!).

  2. I like a cake that is three or four tiers because you want it to stand out but not look like it is going to fall over. I also prefer a wider bottom. I think a white cake is beautiful with a little color added at the top or within the writing like you have. It would be pretty if you placed their initials on the cake in a color so it stands out. I like adding real flowers to the cake as well, its a nice classy touch.

  3. I personally would like a big, simple cake... maybe around 3 tiers. Something entirely white is nice, with a little design here and there, not too ornate but pretty enough to stand out. Like this one in the photo!