LCW's First Annual Cake Week: Day 1

Welcome loves to LCW's First Annual Cake Week!  I figured since my birthday was yesterday, and my sister's is today - why not just make this whole week cake week!  Sounds fabulous, no?  Ooh and delicious too.  So every week of our birthdays, from here on out, it will be 'Cake Week'.  Why?  Cause you can never have too much cake, can you?

So let's kick off this week with one of my faves, shall we?  Have a look-see at this deliciousness...
 Just look at this detail...
OVER THE MOON is the only way to describe this cake.  Ooh, the blue color is one of the most dreamy colors ever, and paired with the gold and silver it is simply divine!  A great cake to start off LCW's 'Cake Week', no? 

~ Ciao

...images via nine cake


  1. great pick to start off Cake Week!! looking forward in seeing all your delicious pics!

  2. oh my goodness... so want to use those colors for a party pairing! ;)

  3. Yes, I love every detail of this wedding cake! It is really, really gorgeous!