Tuesday Shoesday #31: A Darling Drape

Welcome back my loves!  Tell me - did you have a spectacular 4th?  I sure hope so.  Mine was fabulous ;-)  I worked, played, ate a piece of my favorite cake, drank sparkling apple juice for a breakfast treat one morning, puppy sat Gus for a night and put my creative cap on - all in all a fabulous weekend.  The only thing I didn't do was sleep in...so I'll just have to do that this coming weekend!

Anyhoo, I am ready to jump right into the swing of things here and get to this Tuesday Shoesday post.  Have a look-see at these ever so lovely Lou's...
Oh me, oh my - le sigh!  I adore how the half bow, drapes off the side - kind of like the drapes on this cake by Maggie Austin...
Darling, no?

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~ Ciao

...photography by jose villa via style me pretty & image via maggie austin


  1. Elegant as elegant can be!

  2. I'm absolutely dying over these shoe + cake pairings! Keep the loveliness coming please!

  3. these heels are so romantic looking! hope you had a wonderful 4th of july!

    xo, chrissy.