Tuesday Thought: Ring Holder

Good morning darlings!  How has your morning been going so far?  Mine has been busy, but I like busy.  Plus it's supposed to get a little toasty here today, 84 is what they are predicting, so I see a nice long walk after a light dinner later...which always makes me happy ;-)

So are you ready for your "Tuesday Thought' for today?  I have to tell you - I am loving this thought ;-)  Have a look-see at what inspired me...
A vintage tin filled with moss - L-O-V-E!  And anyone that knows me, knows I LOVE moss and vintage...and this picture has both...so of course I had to think of some way in which to actually use something just like this.  And then it hit me...

So here is your Tuesday Thought for today:  Use this moss filled vintage tin to hold the rings!  The ring bearer could hold this tin with the rings attached as he walks up the aisle - cute, no?  Just add a small stick, stake or even a pretty pin to attach some ribbon or twine and the rings too and you'll be good to go.

~ Ciao

...photography via elizabeth messina via kiss the groom


  1. lovely idea! thanks for sharing. hope you're having a great day. xo, chrissy.

  2. coffee tin/ ring holder is a great idea!!

  3. Takes a creative eye to come up with such a charming idea! Thanks

  4. ok firstly it's ridiculous how slack my commenting has been and how behind I am!!! Secondly I ADORE tea tins... so very much! So many uses!