Flowers of the Week: 6.27.11

Okay, I am a little stumped how today is the last Monday of June!  Really, where is the time going?  I mean Friday is the first of July - this Friday!  Aye, aye, aye - I really need time to s...l...o...w down.  Or for there to be at least 4 more hours in every day.  I'm not picky - really, I will take either one ;-)  And while my sister and her family (can't wait to get pictures of my nephews red hair - it's FABULOUS) and my mom are still coming to visit for almost two weeks, the trip got pushed back til the last week of July - whew, that buys me some time to get ready for their visit.  I have lots to do.

So tell me - how was your weekend my dears?  Did you do anything fun?  I had a delightful weekend that was pretty productive and fun!  Oh, and you must have a look-see at the bed I picked up - it really is over the moon.  You can see it right here. It's perfect for a boudoir shoot ;-)

Anyhoo, moving right along...here is a gorgeous white, with a bit of blue, bouquet to start off the week...
Flowers of the Week
Oh little pops of blue, I I heart you.

~ Ciao

...photography by embrace life via ruffled


  1. I'm completely in love with these!

    xo, chrissy.

  2. How exciting that your family is coming for a visit!!

    such a pretty & delicate bouquet!

  3. These are absolutely GORGEOUS. Love that pop of blue!

  4. I am in love, so delicate and fashion forward.

  5. Love the blue detail.... perfect touch to a beautiful bouquet!