Tuesday Thought: Summer Camp

So I decided that I would continue on with this Summer theme ;-)  And what's more Summer than camp? 

I used to go to camp every year and loved it!  I remember going to horsemanship camp (yes, there was such a thing) for a couple of years when I was older, and it was by far my fave.  We all were given a horse at the beginning of the week, and it was our job to take care of it for the week.  Plus we rode in the morning and afternoon.   We also made crafts, swam each day at the pool, had ice cream sundaes, ate every meal outside and had bonfires, sang camp songs and ate s'mores at night...ahhhh what amazing memories I have from camp! 

Alrighty, enough about my adventures of camp and onto today's thought already.  Have a look-see at this picture I ran across on Poppytalk about a month ago, and saved just for today...
Tuesday Thought
Darling, no?  I really L-O-V-E it!  Of course, it also got lots of thoughts swirling around in my head...

So here is your Tuesday Thoughts for today...as I have a couple of them:  First, wouldn't this silhouette be cute for a list of your bridesmaids at a camp themed wedding?  It wouldn't be too difficult to make.  Have a silhouette cut out, paint with chalkboard paint and write on the names of your girls, and don't forget to make one for the boys as well!

Another thought that popped into my head immediately was creating something similar to use for escort cards.  You can make any silhouette that you like...I would love to see different shapes cutout, painted and with a list of names of your guests and the table they are to sit at.  You could really get creative with the shapes too.  And they would look so darling all lined up, or nailed to a tree!

Also how fun would it to be use this for a bachelorette weekend!  Send invites on silhouette shaped cards, have your girls divided into bunks/cabins/tents, and you could even have some teams for some sporting fun like badminton, bocce ball or croquet, followed by cocktails on the lawn!  Oh now I would LOVE to create something like this...hmmm, I think I see a Summer photo shoot coming..hint, hint ;-)

Hey, it's Summer - so have some fun, and get creative!

~ Ciao

...image via poppytalk, also seen on ritzy bee


  1. Happy summer to you! I loved summer camp - my younger brother and I would go to day camps that were the best! Think day hikes and trips to Washington mountains and rivers...I also attended a sleep-away soccer camp that was the best! Oh, I'd love to go back! {A}

  2. i love summer camp. and I too was one of those 'horse camp' girls. I even had a subscription to 'horse illustrated.' don't judge! lol. hope you're having a fab day! love this creative idea! xo, chrissy.

  3. I love this theme, and thinking of summer camp. I actually went to nerd camp, where I took classes in brain anatomy and creative writing, but still.

  4. I always wanted to go to camp when I was a kid and never got the chance :(

    I love the idea for using this as an escort cards. Very creative!!

  5. I love the camps you have in the US... we don't have them here, but I did get the chance to work at one in Seattle on my travels... loved it even as an adult... and that too was a horsey camp!