Just June

Ahhh June, you've finally arrived.  I am just so tickled that you're finally here.  I sure am hoping that you've brought Summer with you, as I am in desperate need of some warm weather!  I guess time will tell.  In the meantine though, this sunflower is definitely brightening my day...
...and makes such a lovely Summer palette.  The sunny yellow color reminded me of a couple of my favorite things from one of my favorite stores, Terrain!  And then I realized that these things would be wonderful gift options for a June bride and groom...so I thought I would share these sunny options with you.  First up, is this watercolor tumbler...
On the Table
Isn't it lovely?  They are a bit pricey at $68.00 each...but the tumblers are made of hand blown glass, and each one is individually shaped by hand by artist Lynn Read in Portland.  Purchase two and your gift for the bride and groom is complete.  However, I would add a recipe card with my favorite Summer cocktail on it.  I think they would make such a special gift...not to mention they are the perfect shade of yellow!

Secondly, and also in the perfect shade of yellow are these enamelware dinner plates...
On the Table
And dessert plates...
On the Table
Being enamelware makes them the perfect option for outdoor picnics, as they are lightweight and durable.  Again, you could always add your favorite picnic recipe with them to make it a little more personal.  So there you have it my dears - a couple of sunny options that are sure to brighten anyone's day!

Happy first day of June!  Wishing you the start of a very lovely Summer ;-)

~ Ciao

...images via the green dandelion & terrain


  1. Perfect summer wedding presents! Thanks for the great ideas. :-)

  2. Happy June to you!! First day of winter for us although thankfully it's been amazingly mild and still in the late 60's! Yay for mild winters!! Love those tumblers!!

  3. I can't believe its already June! I love this color palette. I'm becoming more and more obsessed with yellow :)

  4. Omg I love yellow sooo much! I cannot believe it is June already but this yellow gets me ready for what is to come this summer!