Tuesday Thought: Tea Sandwiches

Happy Tuesday loves!  So tell me - did everyone have a fabulous holiday weekend?  Goodness, I sure do hope so ;-)  Mine was just lovely.  And I am easing back into the swing of things today.  Let me tell you, the snails pace I was moving at this weekend was fabulous...however I am still moving at it! 

So I thought a simple, but lovely Tuesday Thought would be perfect for today.  Have a look-see at these tea sandwiches...
Delicious, no?

So here is your Tuesday Thought for today...I have two of them:  Serve up tea sandwiches at your bridal shower, or serve them up at a mid-morning or mid-afternoon wedding!

Such a lovely option to serve that is easy on the pocketbook and can easily be a DIY.  I love the idea of them served up at a mid-morning or mid-afternoon wedding - it's a time when a full meal doesn't need to be served, but the tea sandwiches are not only fabulous looking, but the perfect snack for your guests.  And for a bridal shower, it's timeless and classic...however, you can always put a twist on it with details and decor.

Along with the tea sandwiches you can have sliced bread, fresh fruits and veggies, even some meats and cheeses if you'd like.  All displayed in an oh so pretty way - and you better believe that your guests would be impressed!  I was impressed with the first picture above (and the other pics too), weren't you?

Another great thing - it fits any theme!  Simple, classic, clean lines like the pictures above would be perfect for a bistro theme, or you could go with a garden theme with lots of flowers, or a beach theme with seafood and a shrimp on top, or even a woodland theme with a sandwich that is topped with a mushroom!  As always, lots of options.

~ Ciao

...images via sunday suppers


  1. Oh yes, COMPLETELY delicious and gorgeous!

  2. What fabulous photos!! I love mini sandwiches!