Inspired By: A Gorgeous Room

Good Friday morning loves!  I thought I would start this morning with some inspiration for you...sounds lovely doesn't it?  Well lovely is just what I have for you today. 

While I was in the midst of working on a Picture Perfect Palette post for you, I happened across this picture I saved some time ago, and I knew I had to do this post instead.  So PPP will be back next Friday with some fabulous inspiration.  However, I think this is some pretty fabulous inspiration itself!

I have always loved this room, and dream of spending afternoons here curled up reading a good book...
Gorgeous little spot, no?  I am fairly sure it would be my favorite spot in the house.  A spot that brings me happiness just being in...we all needs spots like that don't we?  So it got me thinking...how would I incorporate this gorgeous little spot into my wedding day without it being overly feminine?  I would want to incorporate not only the colors, but the richness and warmth of it.  Well, I found a perfect example of how to incorporate all of the above into your wedding day with a dessert buffet!  Have a look-see...
Fondant cherries with gold leaves, macaroons and white chocolate pyramids truffles topped with gold and mini ice cream shimmering cones all not only bring in the colors of the inspiration room but the richness of it too!   Really, there are so many ways to incorporate this room into your wedding...so tell me loves, what do you see?

~ Ciao

...images via mary ruffle & martha stewart weddings


  1. I love the fondant cherries and mini shimmer ice cream cones! And what I really love is to lay in that room, read a book, and eat all those lovely delectables!!

    gorgeous post. xo

  2. i heart this pale pink + gold palette. All kinds of pretty! xoxo, chrissy.

  3. I seriously need to create a little spot like that in my house somewhere... ideally with a gorgeous big day bed like that!! And with lots of beautiful cushions like that too!

  4. Golden cookies,macaroons and mini ice cream shimmering cones make me drool.

  5. These desserts are really one of a kind. It's the first time I saw an ice cream that has been sprinkled with real gold dust. I bet these desserts cost a lot.

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