Who Says

...you can't wear a sailfish necklace on your wedding day?
Who Says
I mean really...just have a look-see at how darling this little guy is...
Who Says
He looks so happy, no?  Maybe because he is all blinged out ;-)  And did you notice the rope hook at the back?  One of those darling details that I love.  Wouldn't this be the perfect necklace to wear for a boat, beach or tropical destination wedding?  Oh, me likey!

P.S. -  I am not sure if you are familiar with sailfish, but they are truly amazing fish.  Not only do they have amazing jumping skills and swim at speeds up to 70 mph, but they also appear in bunches of beautiful colors, and can change their colors almost instantly!  (Oh my brother-in-law, Wayne, would be so proud of me right now...talking fish!  Wouldn't he Cole?)

~ Ciao

...images via elva fields