Tuesday Thought: Simple Centerpiece Ideas

Happy Tuesday my dears!  Goodness, I just realized that my Flowers of the Week post never posted yesterday - so sorry about that...well I will just have to save the pretty for next week I guess.  Anyhoo, I do have some pretty for you today. 

I have been thinking about centerpieces a lot lately for some reason.  On Thursday's Homemade post last week, I showed you tin cans spray painted and used as centerpieces...so my thought after last week was - what are some other ways one can create simple centerpieces that still have an impact? 

Well, as I was digging through my storage unit, on a quest to find one particular item, I ran across a couple of different tins and wooden boxes that I had and thought they would make fabulous centerpieces.   I know most of us have seen pictures of vintage tins filled with flowers, however have a look-see at the wooden box, small compote, and the vintage tin with a hinged lid below...
Tuesday Thought
Tuesday Thought
Eeks - so pretty filled with fruit, no?  I adore the single branch of kumquats in the wooden box, the plums on the compote, and the pears in the hinged lidded tin!  And continuing on with the simple details here - the single rose in the teacup, and the kumquats decorating the table are all fabulous as well.  The wonderful thing about fruit, as long as you use what is in season, is that it is easy on the budget!  So if you are looking for a simple, but still stunning centerpiece idea...I think this one is pretty fabulous.  And if you don't have tins and such you can either buy, borrow or rent them for the day.

However, you are probably wondering - what is my thought for today, no?  Well my thought for today is simple - use the same containers as above, but fill them with different items depending on your theme!  Easy peasy ;-)

I think moss and mushrooms would look lovely in the hinged lidded tin, a handful of acorns would look fabulous on the small compote with a leaf, the wooden box is perfect for a feather or two or even a mossy branch, and I would place a fern frond in that teacup for a rustic, woodland theme.  For a beach theme, I would use elements such as sand, beach grass, spanish moss, rope, shells, and driftwood.  And this would work with lots of other themes too.

Most elements are found within the setting...so cost to decorate is nothing or pretty minimal, you just have to spend the time collecting some things.  But what fun expeditions those would be ;-)  Grab your friends, take a picnic and have some fun while searching...almost like a scavenger hunt...cause don't we all love a scavenger hunt!  You could even have a prize for the winner.  So just a couple of thoughts for you today!  Hope you have a lovely day, and I will see you back here tomorrow with more pretty.

~ Ciao

...photography by kate weber via her blog


  1. I have seen some beautiful tins... and yes you're right it doesn't take much to decorate the table with them once you put something interesting in, and there are so many options. Love the kumquat's in the wooden case as well!

  2. How gorgeous-these ideas are so perfect and delicious!

  3. you have such a great eye. love the open tins filled with pretty fruit. Your moss & mushroom idea is pretty fab as well.