Decorate Yourself: Bangles and Bracelets and a Necklace - Oh My!

I am adoring these leather and gemstone bangles from The Vamoose in chalk turquoise and pink marble...
I am loving the name 'chalk turquoise', aren't you?  However,  if the leather above is a bit on the casual side for you, these gemstone and metal bracelets in peach quartz, pale grey riverstone and lemon chrysoprase might be more your style...
I would love to see a handful of these gemstone and metal bracelets piled on...fun, no?  Whether you do a variety of colors or make a statement with all one color you really can't go wrong with these lovelies.

Either one you choose would be perfect gifts for your girls, or would be lovely to wear yourself on your wedding day!  And the great thing about these bangles is that you would definitely wear them again ;-)

P.S. - However, I have to tell you that I love acorns for some reason...I don't collect them or want to collect them, but I do adore them in decorations and details!  And this acorn and silk cord necklace is screaming my name...
Definitely how I would be decorating myself today!  But you have to admit...it would look cute at a woodsy wedding, no?

~ Ciao

...images via the vamoose


  1. then we have the same name, because they're screaming mine too. can't you just see a charm bracelet with little wood sprite type gold charms and this acorn..

  2. those bracelets need to be mine!! i love stacking bracelets!

  3. Those necklaces are absolutely gorgeous.

  4. i love that acorn necklace! some purdy finds, kristi!

  5. I'm with you on the acorns... they're so sweet!!! I think I need I to get one of those necklaces.