LCW Style: Floral Crowns

I have been in quite a dreamy mood lately.  I think the wedding of Kate and Wills is what did it ;-)  And it got me thinking of what a 'dream' wedding would be in my world...cause gosh knows it would still never be anything close to theirs - which I am absolutely fine with!  In my 'dream' wedding all the bridesmaids would be in white summer dresses and wearing floral crowns in their hair in lieu of bouquets...
LCW Style Floral Crowns
Since the bridesmaids are not carrying bouquets...I would have them carry a mason jar with a handle, adorned with ribbon, with a lighted candle inside, and each would wear a different floral corsage on their wrist as their only accessory.  Sounds quite dreamy, no? 

So tell me my lovelies...what would your 'dream' wedding be like?

~ Ciao

...images via this is glamorous


  1. that is beautiful...completely whimsical and charming, kristi.

  2. whimsical is the word I was thinking too! Truly dreamy! xoxo, chrissy.

  3. Dreamy indeed!! it has a bit of an ethereal feel to it too!!

  4. Those floral headpieces remind me of my friend's wedding. She's from Hawaii, and those are very common there. These are lovely in the cream and dark green, though. Very fresh and clean!

  5. Can just see your bridesmaids looking like wood nymphs (just like the pic)--complete with the mason jars you mentioned with candles inside, plus the wrist corsages. Definitely dreamy!