Tuesday Shoesday #22: 4 Pairs of Boots & a Dress

Happy Tuesday my dears!  For today's 'Tuesday Shoesday' I thought I would do something a little different.  It all started when I ran across the Ralph Lauren Collection dress below, and thought that it would make a gorgeous wedding dress.  However, when looking for a pair of shoes to go with it I was finding bunches of options.  Ah yes, easy options like pumps...however, I wanted something a little different...like booties or boots.  And in searching for boots I still found bunches of options...so why not show you a variety of styles that would work with this oh so versatile dress!  So here goes...
Tuesday Shoesday
Can you picture each look?  Here is what I imagine - the glam sequin booties with a pair of blingy earrings and a bracelet, the cool Christian Louboutin's with a pile of gold bangles, Gucci's fringed suede ankle boots with a floral crown in yesterday's post, and Ralph Lauren's western style boots with some silver chunky jewelry.  Yes I know, obvious picks, but just trying to help you get the overall picture ;-)  (And if I wasn't so tired, I would be searching the Internet for you for some fabulous accessories, but I have to be up super duper early to take Aunt Millie to the airport, and it is already approaching 1:00 am...yikes!)  Or you could always take it straight from the runway and go country...
I have to tell you, that while I have never owned a belt anything like this one, I love it with the dress!  Perfect for that rustic ranch wedding on a farm, don't you think?  Plus just look how the dress flows when you walk...so pretty.

You know me, I love options!  So tell me friends, what is your style?

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  1. beautiful picks! that style is HUGE out here in texas, and here it's...not my thing, but in the city, that look would ROCK someone's face off.

  2. oh lawd!! that dress is fabulous!!

    I would probably rock the "cool" look but have a feeling I would fall on my face :\