The Cocktail Hour: Woop, Woop!

Woop, Woop it's Friday my darlings!  And 'The Cocktail Hour' here on LCW.  Now that is definitely reason to celebrate...so can I get a Woop, Woop!...
Aww fabulous my dears - just fabulous!  While I am not sure as to what is in the glasses above, I am thinking vodka tonics - what about you?  It is a crisp, refreshing, yet easy cocktail to serve during The Cocktail Hour.  It is made up of two ingredients - 2 oz of vodka and 3-5 oz of tonic water (see easy), and usually served with a lime.  However when you dress the cocktail up with stripped straws with a Woop, Woop! flag attached - well, I think it makes them pretty fabulous, don't you?

And a fabulous non-alcoholic version would just be sparkling water with a lime...which would still be crisp and refreshing!  So which ever you choose - cheers to you my dears, and a fabulous weekend!

~ Ciao

...photography by meg smith via laurie arons


  1. those woop woop drink flags are super cute!! have a great w/e!

  2. Those are so freakin' cute. I love cocktail hour!

  3. You had me at cocktail hour! I love the little flags!

  4. These straws and the flags are so cute! Makes cocktail hour even more fun!