Tuesday Thought: Fresh Lettuce

I miss having a garden!  I had a lovely 25' x 25' garden when I lived in Iowa, and I sure do miss it this time of year.  Every year I planted a variety of vegetables, but the one thing I picked daily was lettuce for a salad.  I loved the variety of mixes that I planted.  I also loved that when I cut off the lettuce that I wanted to use it would grow back!  So I had a never ending supply of fresh lettuce for the late Spring and Summer, and I was over the moon about it ;-)

So it got me thinking when I saw this picture of a lettuce mix...
Tuesday Thought
...who doesn't love fresh lettuce?  And the variety of colors and textures do look pretty, no? 

So here is your Tuesday Thought for the day:  Use pots of lettuce mixes in a vintage crate as centerpieces!  The fabulous thing about this thought is at the end of the night you can have guests and family members take a pot or two home.  Just inform them that they can cut off the lettuce they would like to use, and it will grow more for them to use again.  And while you could use this idea at your wedding - it would also be a fabulous engagement party or rehearsal dinner idea too.

It would be cute to add some other fresh herbs or veggies to the centerpieces too.  You could get really creative and playful with it if you wanted - like naming the tables after lettuce varieties or your favorite salads.  Your favors could be olive oil, or a homemade salad dressing with a recipe card attached.  Lots of ideas really.  Definitely an eco-friendly idea that is cost effective as well! 

~ Ciao

...image via the new general store


  1. i love this idea for the rehearsal dinner...so creative, kristi.

  2. The perfect idea for a couple with an "organic" themed wedding. Budget friendly too!

  3. I love the idea of adding some other fresh herbs or veggies to the centerpieces too! You have me craving a salad now ::WEIRD:: because thats not something I usually crave ;)

  4. would LOVE to see a farm fresh styled wedding with lettuce!

  5. I can't wait to have a garden... I'm planning a French Potager style garden eventually!!! Then I can make my own centerpieces every night :-)