Homemade: Flower Filled Peat Pots

Happy Thursday loves!  Is everyone having a wonderful week so far?  Well if not, the good news is tomorrow is Friday...woohoo.  I love Fridays ;-)  However, before I get too excited about tomorrow, I thought I would share this fabulous little idea I spotted over one of my favorite blogs, French Larkspur.  Every time I go there I am inspired!  It is eco-friendly, cost effective and a farily easy DIY!  Here have a look-see at these hanging flower filled peat pots...
Darling, no?  To get the how to and see more pictures, click right here.  However, you only need some peat pots (I bought some at Home Depot for a couple of dollars for a bunch of them), dried flowers (any dried flower would work), ribbon and some embellishments to make your own.  And I love that not only can they be decorated in so many ways, but that you can also use them on the table!  Oh me likey ;-)

P.S. - I also have a super duper easy Homemade post on Over The Moon Vintage Rentals too.  Click right here to see!
~ Ciao

...image via french larkspur


  1. Oh what a darling idea! Love this! :)

  2. What a great idea! I love that they're so eco-friendly, affordable, and adaptable to a wide variety of color palates & styles. Great idea - thanks for passing it along! I'm off to explore French Larkspur a bit more!

  3. French larkspur is one of my favorite daily reads too!! love this idea!!

  4. such a beautiful project! i would love to make these...like...just for our porch! if we had a porch:)

  5. These are gorgeous... and I love the peek of those green bottles in the background too!! Going to check out that blog too!