Homemade: Paper Wrapped Cans

Holy moly - I can't believe it's Thursday already!  Yippee - one more day until the weekend ;-)  And I heart weekends ;-)  However, I must not forget that today is Thursday, and that means it's time for a 'Homemade' post!

I kind of have been on a kick with cans lately.  A couple of weeks ago I did a 'Homemade' post about spray painting them and using as centerpieces...see here if you missed it.  So today I thought I would bring you one more quick and easy peasy homemade idea using cans.  How about paper wrapped cans as centerpieces?  Here have a look-see at what I am talking about...
Darling, no?  I adore all the different papers used, as well as how some cans are covered more than others.  And how fabulous is it that you are recycling?  Love it as every bit helps!

To make all you have to do is wash and clean the cans.  Let them dry completely.  Then determining the width of the paper just cut it to size.  I would then spray the back of the paper with spray adhesive and adhere to the can - viola!  Pretty centerpieces that most definitely 'Homemade' ;-)

I have vision of lots and lots of pretty papers swirling in my head right now!  Can you imagine all the paper options - aye, aye, aye so many to choose from!

~ Ciao

...photography by janae shields via style me pretty


  1. i really really love this idea. xo, chrissy

  2. seriously who knew last night's campbell's soup can could turn into today's centerpiece vase with a little paper & glue!! Love this idea!!

  3. What an adorable idea, and such a sweet result!

  4. I totally use cans for flowers all the time, but NEVER have I ventured outside of soup cans...I think that shallow, wide can is just PERFECT and beautiful...can't wait to try some new food to get new cans for arranging!