Flower of the Week: 2.14.11 & A Valentine's Day Wish

Happy Valentine's Day loves!  Because I sincerely adore you, I wanted to give you all a little present...
Just a little something, from me to you!  I sincerely appreciate all of your lovely comments and support!  My wish for you this Valentine's Day...bunches, and bunches of love...not just today but everyday, for the rest of the year!  And even if you are by yourself this Valentine's Day - make sure to love yourself and treat yourself to something just for you!

I had these images saved just for today's post, but loved when I saw one of them used last week in my fabulous friend, Chris', amazing Love Letters inspiration board!  And I couldn't agree with her more..."there is something so romantic about a handwritten love letter!"

I have some great posts scheduled this week:  the first one coming up shortly, as well as I will be continuing with Flowerwild February (coming up around noon), and a new series I am starting here at LCW this week.  So I'll be seeing you soon!

P.S. - Wouldn't this carnation heart be darling used at your wedding, bridal shower or rehearsal dinner?  I think so ;-)

~ Ciao

...images via pretties and posies


  1. Happy Valentine's Day! I loved that carnation heart too... they look so good when they are grouped together like that!

  2. A happy happy Valentines to you hun!!! xoxo

  3. Beautiful! They look and remind me of the heart cookies Martha Stewart made on her show today! Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. This is so sweet!!! ;))) Happy Valentines Day to you!!!