New Series: Picture Perfect Palette

Do you ever see a picture and think that the colors in it would make the perfect palette?  Eek, I do it all the time!  So I thought, why not introduce a new color series to LCW doing just that.  One of the big decisions a bride has to make fairly early on is...what color(s) they want to have at their wedding.  I am hoping that this new series will show you lots of different color palette options to choose from.

I know that I could create inspiration boards for you, but I decided I am going to leave that up to my two fabulous friends, Chris of Postcards and Pretties and Kate of Magnolia Rouge and Ruby and Willow who create the most A.MAZ.ING boards out there!  However, just to mix things up, you will see some added inspiration in the form of color, not necessarily the feel of the image or style...but the color, and how if you love the colors you can incorporate them into your event no matter the style or theme.

So without further ado, the first Picture Perfect Palette...
I am loving the colors in this picture; soft with creamy undertones.  They conjure up images of an ivory wedding dress, pink bridesmaids dresses and flowers with just a hint of the two darker shades.  I would add in pops of melon for contrast.

The wonderful thing about seeing a color palette is that you don't have to necessarily choose all the colors.  For me the soft pink, creamy vanilla and melon would be the colors I would choose (go figure), with the darker colors brought in here and there.  And just to give you a little idea on how you could incorporate these colors, I found two examples for you - one being a bridesmaid dress...
I am adoring all the pleats on this dress!  It's a perfect match for the soft pink and brings in the vanilla in the sash detail.  And the second is flowers...
As for the flowers (yeah, I know...you have seen them before ;-)), I adore the pink and hint of vanilla...yet, if you look closely those berries and the small darker flowers pick up the two darker colors in this palette.

And if this color palette isn't working for you, check back next week for a new one!  I would love to hear your thoughts on this new series.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated ;-)  I thought about giving the colors names, but couldn't decide.  Anyhow, hope you enjoyed this post!

~ Ciao

...images via the alternative wife, rose and ruby, and once wed  with photography by jose villa


  1. I love how you created a new way to be inspired by a color palette! A single photograph can often hold a lot of meaning, so this is a perfect way to draw attention to that. I love their color boards too :)

  2. wow! that one pretty palette. i love these series!! and thanks for the love..you just know how to make a girl blush :)

  3. Adore these colours and love the single photo concept... and thanks for the shoutout!!! You're the best!