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Wow, I L-O-V-E this idea!  How fabulous is this oyster bar?  I love the way it is used for oysters, but it can be used in so many other ways too.  I really like the tealights scattered inside - but be careful here...a sleeve held too long could catch fire quickly!  I would place the tealights in votive holders to protect the flame and my guests.  But seriously this is just fabulous.  I think it could be made pretty easily too.  Galvanized steel trays, a couple of galvanized pots flipped upside down with some adhesive and your done!
Here is my twist on the idea above - you could use quarter round metal plant stands placed back-to-back.   
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Use two to make a half circle or four for a full circle (there is another option at gardners.com) - making sure to get the tray liners as well. What a statement four would make!  Filling the top tray with flowers would be pretty amazing too. Since these plant stands aren't too tall, you could easily place on a table.  What I love about the plant stands is that you can spray paint them any color you like.  With the tray liners you could easily do an oyster bar like the picture above.  How about a shrimp bar?  Fill the tray liners (after a good washing of course) with water and then freeze (have your caterer do...since your freezer might not be big enough), remove from freezer, place on plant stand and display your shrimp...done.  But, you could also use it for any type of appetizers, drinks, on a buffet table or to display desserts!  Plus, there are plenty of other ways to use - display seating cards with the trays lined with moss, grass, river rocks, sand, seaglass, etc.  Or use to display favors.  As always - tons of options.  I am really loving this idea - great indoors or out, formal or informal.  Whatever you decide - have fun with it!

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...images brian woodcock and gardeners.com

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