Decanter Details

Here's a perfect little detail...
Wedding, On the Table
I love this little detail for a couple of reasons.  #1.  Depending on the type and style of the decanter you choose, you can use this detail at any type of reception.  #2.  You can either set up a wine bar using the decanters, or place one (or a couple) of decanters on each table.  #3.  Use can choose a variety of types and styles of decanters for a more eclectic feel.  #4.  Multiple decanters allow you to choose a variety of wines (how cute are the labels above).  #5.  You could print out wine cards that describe each wine, and why you and your honey like it.  #6.  Group all one style like the picture on the left (choose larger decanters to make a statement) with different types of wine, and use as the centerpiece on each table - with small flower arrangements, clusters of grapes or decorated grapewood vines, and candlelight...oh so pretty!  Inspired yet?  I hope so.

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...image on left michael partenio & image on right project wedding

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