Who Says...

...ornaments are only supposed to be used during the holidays!  These cute glass ornaments from Pottery Barn would be stunning at your wedding hanging from trees or just about anywhere!  Imagine a handful of these votive ornaments hanging in a tent...oh the effect from the candlelight suspended in mid-air would be magical.  Or instead of having a centerpiece at each table I would hang a group of them over each table.  Romance anyone?
Wedding, Holiday
The second glass ornament is a mini vase.  I used something similar at my wedding, back in 2000.  I hung them over each table in place of a centerpiece.  I had to create a fishing line system in my tent in order to make it work - but the result was simply breathtaking...especially when there was just the slightest breeze and they swayed like they were dancing!
Wedding, Holiday
Whatever you decide - have fun with it! 

~ Ciao

...images via pottery barn

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