Going Green

So here is a simple, casual tabletop style that I think is just fabulous.  Rice steamers as centerpieces?  Yes, and I am loving it! 
Tabletop, Wedding
And in doing some research they would be quite affordable to purchase (depending on the size of your wedding).  Here is a closeup pic of one I found...
Wedding, Details
So you are probably thinking what the heck would I do with all of them after the wedding?  I would give them away as a gifts at the wedding to one lucky person at each table (depending on the type of table and the number of steamers on each table, you could give away multiple ones at each table).  Tape a cute little "You are the Winner" ticket under the chair...whoever sits there gets to take home the steamer.  Oh what fun!

~ Ciao

...image via scott horne and sur la table

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