Color Palattes: Gold

One thing I love about gold is that it plays off of the light - giving you more than just one color.  Another thing, it's blingy.  Combine the two and you will get a warm and fabulous color scheme.  Take a look at this cake, which is quite formal and blingy, do you see just gold?  No, you see a variety of shades and depths of gold (I know, I put color boxes along the side to help).  Wouldn't it make a decadent color scheme for a more formal affair?
Wedding, Cake, Color
And if a more casual affair is what you are going for, then the cupcakes below are a great way to incoporate gold into your color scheme.
Wedding, Cupcakes
Wether you incorporate just a hint of gold or go all out - the end result, I'm sure, will be fabulous!

~ Ciao

...photos raymond hom

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