Over the Moon

...about all of these chandeliers!
Eeks!!!  Holy moly this is so gorgeous, no?

However, I want to make a small point here...while the chandeliers above are fabulously gorgeous (and would be pricey if you had to purchase on your own)...what really makes the picture above so over the moon for me is that there are mulitples of them!  One chandelier in the picture above would be great, would it not?  However, having multipe chandeliers is what really makes a statement without being too over the top...or what I call "over the moon". 

My point:  mulitples don't necessarily have to break the bank or budget to be over the moon.  A lot of homemade paper chains, golden paper stars, bunting, twinkling lights, hanging mason jars filled with candles, etc.. are all fairly inexpensive items...yet, all over the moon in my book!  So when you are thinking of adding a detail to your big day, think about how to take it from great to over the moon.  For example, three paper chains over the tables are great, but 5 or 7 would be over the moon

P.S. - Just don't go over the top...unless that is the look you are going for...and then go big...really big ;-)

~ Ciao

...photography by allyson thayer gowdy


  1. This is gorgeous! I love chandeliers so I say the more the merrier!!

  2. Wow! I love chandeliers, this is SO gorgeous!

  3. oh my goodness this is gorgeous!!! Wouldn't be beautiful for a ladies tea lunch...love it!!!

    Ranin Z

  4. I would pass out at a wedding like that, "OH MY GAH IT'S SO [thud"

  5. These chandeliers are absolutely gorgeous. They make this place look so beautiful without needing many decorations. Very simple, classy, and beautiful!

  6. This photo is just absolute perfection in my books. I would die (well not quite!) to sit at that table for a meal!!

  7. How do I get invited to a soiree/wedding like this?