Tuesday Thought: Eggstra Special

So today's Tuesday Thought is a little bit 'out there'.  Which isn't the first time one of my ideas has been 'out there'...and I am sure certainly won't be the last.  However, if done right - it could be oh so cute!  And with Easter just around the corner, you know I HAD to post.  Have a look-see at this ...
Okay really, how cute is this?  Wouldn't you love to get this in the mail?  And wouldn't you feel eggstra special receiving it?  Me - super duper cute, yes and yes!

So your Tuesday Thought for today is:  Why not use these cute little eggs as your Save the Dates!  How darling would this be for a wedding on a farm....especially one with chickens? 

I would paint the egg in one (or more) of the wedding colors.  Hmmm, you could even paint the date on the outside, paint save the date on the outside or leave the outside just plain, and on the note on the inside have a small save the date or your information...depending on what you, if anything, you do to the outside!  The paper doesn't have to be as narrow as the piece above.  You could easily do three lines or four and still get it to fit in the egg.  Just keep the length of writing across the paper on the shorter side, as to keep the paper small when rolled.  Also, the cost of mailing wouldn't be too much either as the box, egg and filler/padding (we all know there needs to be some) are all pretty lightweight.

However, you know if I was having a baby - I think I would LOVE to use this idea for birth announcements!  (And no, I am not pregnant in case you were wondering.)  But you could really come up with something cute like - "look what just hatched", or "our little chick has hatched", or "we have some eggstra special news"...well you get the idea.

I found this darling idea on Poppytalk, who had originally posted it last year before Easter, but re-posted part of it again this year for Easter and I am so tickled they did as I think it is such a cute idea.  Anyhoo, if you are looking how to make these yourself either follow the steps above or you can get the step-by-step right here!

Now get crackin my dears...just not the egg...yet ;-)

~ Ciao

...images via poppytalk


  1. not only did i pin this, but i am making it FOR SURE. absolutely and totally making it this weekend.

  2. I LOVE these!!!! They are pefect for my Easter Table! I am making little paper mache nests from shreded old books...with one egg in them...for placecards...family's names on each egg. I think I will add a little note inside of each!! How delightful!!


  3. OMG, this is so adorable and amazing! Such a fab STD idea!! Love it!

  4. This is utterly adorable!!! Imagine receiving that!! It would make my day... heck week!

  5. ;)) great idea and so fun!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. OMG what a unique idea! So wonderful!

  7. this is such a darling, whimsical idea! love!

  8. I love your idea for using this DIY as a STD or birth announcement. You're so clever!!

  9. Also a super cute way to tell your hubby you're pregnant, not YOU...you know what I mean :)