Special Post for Allison ~ Engaged & Inspired ~

Happy Thursday loves!  Well today is a very special Thursday indeed...as the darling Allison of the fabulous blog, Engaged & Inspired, is getting married this weekend.  Yippee!!!!  I had the pleasure to meet Allison in person, on two separate occasions, and she is just the sweetest, petite thing ever.  Seriously, I felt like a GIANT next to her...me being about 6'2" with my heels on and her in flat boots!  Anyhow, I am sure you have been to her blog, and if for some reason you haven't you need to head over the ASAP.  Oh, she has an amazing vendor list too, so perfectly titled The Inspired List which will help you find whatever it is you may be looking for...so go have a look-see!

So in honor to celebrate her big day the lovely Melissa of Birdcage Bridal and Steph of Bubble Rock came up with the idea of doing an inspiration board for her 'Life After the Big Day'...which I thought was a fabulous idea!  They contacted a handful of her blogger friends, and asked us to submit a picture that we thought represented life after the big day, and this is the amazing board that Steph put together from those pictures...
Side note here:  I got the same e-mail as everyone else, however I'm not sure what I was thinking, but when I ran across the image below I thought it was a perfect reminder of life after the big day.  As we all need reminders on occasion, don't you think?  A reminder to do the simplest things and why you feel in love.  So this is the picture/image I submitted...
...which had to be by itself in order to read the writing.  Sorry to all the ladies for making them post two separate images!  I promise to pay better attention, and do it right next time ;-)

To Allison:  I couldn't be more OVER THE MOON for you my dear!  I wish you bunches and bunches of happiness, laughter and love.  May you two continue on your journey - now as husband and wife - with the best still yet to come!  Mwah.
Such an amazing group of  bloggers participated in this gift for Allison, so please be sure to head over to all of their blogs too to see their congrats and wishes as well.

~ Melissa of Birdcage Bridal ~ Steph of Bubble Rock  ~ Claire of A Realistic Wedding  ~ Jacin of Lovely Little Details  ~ Erin of Sparkle and Hay  ~ Sofia of Brancoprata  ~ Tami of Fabulously Wed  ~ Alicia of The Charity Wedding ~

~ Ciao

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  1. Bunches and bunches of happiness! You sum it up right Kristi!!! xoxo

  2. Such an adorable idea! I love that so many bloggers get together to wish other bloggers a wonderful wedding day! I love the photos and your photo of words...they go together so perfectly! :)

  3. Awwww thank you SO much! :) I am literally getting tingles reading all these :) I will definitely have the best weekend in Carmel, but I love the idea of life after I do!

    and I love the image you submitted! Such perfect advice. haha :)

  4. I LOVED the words and actually thought it was perfect as two separate pieces! Fabulous find!