How Do You Like Them Eggs?

Ooh, I like them a lot!  Now this is how I like my eggs colored - in soft, pretty pastels.  How about you?  Plus, I think this would be a wonderful and simple centerpiece for a Easter wedding celebration.  Just dye the eggs to fit your color palette and place on pretty cakeplates - done! 

I do have to share a lovely little tradition that I started a handful of years back, and which I am sure some of you have possibly heard of before.  If you hide Easter eggs (the plastic kind as most people do these days) for your friends and family, why not include a couple of eggs with some money in them?  It doesn't have to be much...some change, a dollar bill, a five, or ten...but just a little something makes the search oh so fun!

I learned of this tradition from a boy I dated.  When we went to celebrate Easter with his family, he informed me that EVERYONE participated in the hunt (eggs were hidden higher and in harder spots for adults), and that there were eggs with money in them...and ONE egg with a $100 bill inside.  You should have seen the adults searching for the eggs, me included...it was a total hoot!  We were all looking for as many as we could find in hopes that we found THE ONE.  You bet your buttons, I grabbed one just before his brother got to it...lucky for me, as it had a $20 bill inside.  Oh, I will never forget that Easter and the fun we had!  However, I think I had beginner's luck, as I ended up coming home with $35.00 in my pocket ;-)  Either that or I just have really good egg hunting skills.  A skill that I am sure everyone wishes they had...hehe!

So my darlings, I wish you a splendid Easter!  Maybe you will even start a new tradition.  And if there are no little ones involved in your celebration, have an Easter egg hunt for your friends.  Yes, I believe that adults should have Easter egg hunts too!  Whatever it is you do - be safe, enjoy, and I hope you find lots of eggs ;-)  As always, I'll see you back here on Sunday for some sweetness.

~ Ciao

...photography by elizabeth messina via kiss the groom


  1. We used to have money eggs too! It was fabulous! My Grandma also used to plan a hunt each year with clues and you had to find one before you had the clue to find the next. Each spot had some little prize! It was super fun!

  2. Easter brings back some lovely childhood memories. From decorating eggs to wonderful Easter baskets and the hunt...it was always so much fun! Have a lovely Easter!

  3. Adult egg hunt = Fun!!!! I wish you a happy Easter and a great weekend, Kristi!!!


  4. We used to have a few special eggs with money too! however, competition got so fierce between my sister & I that my parents ended up having to give us each designated colors ensuring that we would both end up with even amounts. haha.

    Happy Easter lovely! xo

  5. My parents didn't know about easter egg hunts when we were kids, so I missed out but I love the idea of adult egg hunts. I'm suggesting that this weekend!!
    Happy Easter!

  6. i like the money in the eggs! ha. i never did easter egg hunts...maybe once...it obviously didn't have a huge impact on me if i did. lol. adult easter egg hunting is WAY better!

  7. Oh how I used to love treasure hunts for eggs at Easter time!!! Shame how we outgrow these things as we get older but I do love the sounds of an Adult egg hunt!!!