Picture Perfect Palette No. 6

Good Morning lovelies.  Happy Earth Day!  In honor of Earth Day today, I thought I would choose a color palette that had lovely earth tones in it; while staying away from greens.  So I was focused more on the actual earth.  Soil to be exact.  I was inspired by the brown sand of the desert and the pinkish red soil found in Arizona...and I found a fabulous picture that incorporated these colors in a very pretty way...
And I know exactly why I chose this picture...it's 1:22 a.m. and this is where I really want to be!  However, I will be there soon enough...just after I finish typing this post ;-)  Yet, I only have myself to blame for waiting until so late to do this post.  It really is amazing how time slips by.  It seemed like it was just 5:30 pm and I was on my walk, and then 9:00 pm and I finishing up playing a couple games of cards with Aunt Millie, and then I had to jump in the shower and wash my hair, etc...  Now I understand why I always start working on these posts come Sunday - to have lots of time to put them together for you!

Anyhoo, I thought the above picture was so pretty, warm and welcoming...and of course makes a lovely palette for Earth Day today.  Of course from the inspiration picture a vintage style wedding is perfect for this palette.  One way to incorporate these colors into your event is in your desserts.  You betcha your buttons I said desserts!  Have a look-see at how fabulous these macarons work with this palette...
What I wouldn't give for a couple of those right now!  A sugar rush is just what I need ;-)  With a vintage style wedding and reception I would keep more with the browns and whites on the basics such as tablecloths, napkins, quilts, lace and doilies which would also bring in a variety of textures.  I would bring in the color in the details - suitcases, vintage books, table numbers, and macarons on the dessert table of course.  Picture frames filled with vintage fabrics that incorporate the palette would be wonderful details as well.  You could use smaller ones on the table for table numbers, and larger ones to pin escort cards too.

This palette also works for an outdoor, rustic/barn style as well...
Picture Perfect Palette
I think if you took off the ribbon and added a bit of burlap instead it would look beautiful.  Granted the ribbon works, I would just prefer it a bit more rustic.  Arrangements like this on white linen tablecloths with a worn piece of wood running down the center of the table, or a burlap runner would look perfect.  Some antlers would be a wonderful element to add as well.  To bring in even more rustic details tie the napkins with some twine or rope and attach a place card if you'd like.  Also, it would be cute to adorn the chair backs of the bride and groom with some simple rope and bunting flags.  And I would love to see a cake on top of a wooden crate, wouldn't you?

And finally, this would be a gorgeous palette for a classic and elegant event with a bit of whimsy...
Picture Perfect Palette
Brown linen tablecloths, leather bound menus, and pom pom flowers add warmth, richness and whimsy, and would be oh so pretty!  I would keep everything simple here - gorgeous glass vases in varying heigths with just one or two pom pom flowers in each would be elegant on long tables.  Lots of glass, and candles and touches of leather would add to the elegance.  Hmm, maybe strips of leather wrapped around the vases, or table numbers cut from leather...so many ways to incorporate pieces of leather here.  I could also see escort cards made of leather with your guest names in gorgeous calligraphy on them.  Oh yes, this palette would definitely work!

So my dears, what do you think of this palette for Earth Day?  As always, would love to hear your thoughts or if any visions flashed in your head ;-)  Stay tuned for another Easter wishes post coming up this afternoon.  Until then, be happy...it's Friday!

~ Ciao

...photography by lisa hubbard, and images via la boom, sunday suppers & domestifluff via postcards and pretties


  1. i could happily reside in this beautiful palette!

  2. Just adore this soft and cozy interpretation of a lovely earth day palatte! And I agree with Erin, its so inviting!

  3. Gaahhhh.... that top picture is pure heaven... the colours, the floral quilt... LOVE!!!

  4. Some great ideas, thanks for posting, I am loving those macaroons Yum!