LCW Style: Bow Ties for the Boys and Girls

With bow ties being so popular right now, I think these would be perfect for the boys...
Fabulous bow ties, in a selection of prints (there are lots more prints to choose from) by Hunter Gatherer on Etsy.  Your boys would be looking mighty fine in one these bow ties.  And a bonus...each of the bow ties above are under $16.00!  Now that is what I call goodness all around.  I would love to see each one of the boys in a different tie, which would allow you to fit their individual personalities to the tie that you give them.  Can't you see the silent, quite guy in the first one, the outgoing, vibrant guy in the second, and the style conscious guy in the third?

However, we can't leave the girls out on the cuteness, can we?  I didn't think so.  So how about a darling bow tie ring?
I am really adoring this ring.  It's cute, quirky and fun.  Something we all could use in our lives, right?  Okay, well maybe only me...but, I am still adoring the ring!

~ Ciao

...images via hunter gatherer