Inspired By: Art

Isn't it funny how sometimes you look at something and it immediately reminds you of something else?  Well that is just what happened when I stumbled across this painting by Michelle Armas on Chelsea's fabulous blog {Frolic!}.
As soon as I saw it I fell in love with all the soft, pretty colors.  However, it immediately reminded me of these rock candy sticks...
It made me think, that while I say it all the time, that not only can inspiration come from anywhere, but it can be interpreted in many, many ways!  So my dears, if you have a favorite piece of art (or anything else for that matter) think about how you can interpret it into something for your wedding.  And yes, it can be as small and simple as rock candy sticks in jars!

P.S. - You know I am all about the details, so pretty, pretty, pretty please make sure to take off the price stickers for any item you use on your big day!  Granted, the stickers on the bottom of the jars might not be price stickers, however, whatever they are they should have most likely been removed...and I say that in the nicest, sweetest way possible.  Yet, I probably am the only one that noticed them ;-)

~ Ciao


  1. OMG Kristi.. your mind works in magical ways :-) I love the resemblance but I so wouldn't have made that connection myself!!

  2. oohhh so true. i love when inspiration comes from somewhere you'd least expect it.

  3. omg that is such a perfect match.

    ps you're so right about removing price tags. There was one wedding I attended that the bride had a Marshall's price sticker under her shoe and everyone saw it when the groom removed her garter. A big no no {the price sticker not the fact that she shops at Marshalls}

  4. adorable :) i love the two together.