Flowers of the Week: 4.18.11

Good morning my darlings.  Did everyone have a lovely weekend?  Did you do anything fun?  Me - I enjoyed watching a couple of movies at home, having a Saturday afternoon snack of a variety of cheeses, salami's and olives (yummy), and worked on getting a couple things done...like taxes!  All in all a very nice and calm weekend.

I am happy to admit that after thinking I would be seeing red on my taxes, this was not the case!  So since I didn't see red on my tax return, I knew I would be okay seeing red in this amazing bouquet without having to think about taxes ;-)  Have a look-see at this loveliness created by my fave floral designer, Kate of Flowerwild...
Flowers of the Week
And here's a little closer look for you...
Flowers of the Week
Amazing, no?  And even though red is not one of my fave colors, I am loving this bouquet.  There is so much to look at - the colors, variety of flowers, and lots and lots of texture all equal amazing in my book.  So here's to an amazing week my dears! 

I have another post coming up before noon, so I'll see you soon...

~ Ciao

...photography by jose villa via flowerwild via once wed


  1. I'm with you...not the biggest fan of red bouquets but this one is stunning!!

  2. LOVELY bouquet. you have beautiful taste, lady. i saw a little TINY green (two-digits tiny) on my tax return too...still exciting not to owe!