LCW Style: Marvelous Marchesa

Not too often do I post wedding dresses here at LCW, and you are probably wondering why?  Well, I have come to the conclusion that when you go into a bridal salon looking for a specific type of dress, you usually end with something you never thought you would wear or would look good on you.  Case in point - when I was looking for my wedding dress I went in not really knowing what I wanted, but definitely knowing what I didn't want.  However, my mom walked right up to a dress, pulled it off the rack and said: "This is it."  I took one look at the layers and layers of tulle, and said:  "I don't think so."  Yet, to appease her I said I would try it on - go figure it was a Vera (not that she knew that at the time), looked A.MAZ.ING on, and yes ended up being THE ONE! 

Since then, a handful of brides I have spoken with have a similar story.  Hence, why I don't often post wedding dresses...unless they happen to take my breath away, and are so spectacular that I just have to share!  And when I saw this Marchesa dress that is exactly what happened...
And you bet your buttons I am now a lover of layers and layers of tulle!  But no matter how you look at this dress, it is spectacular!  Just have a look-see at it from the side...
And the back...
And while I know layers upon layers of tulle aren't for everyone, I do think that every bride should try on a variety of styles...as the dress you would have never thought you would like, or would look good in often times ends up being THE ONE!

I will attempt to post dresses that take my breath away more often...as maybe, just maybe it might do the same for you.  And promise, not all the dresses that take my breath away involve layers and layers of tulle!

P.S. - I would love to hear your story about finding THE ONE! 

~ Ciao


  1. That is sooooo gorgeous! I also don't often post on wedding dresses, but some of them are extra special, and that is definitely one of the special ones!

  2. BEAUTIFUL in a way only Marchesa is....

  3. Gorgeous! The ultimate princess dress! I had the same experience with my wedding dress so I totally agree with you! The best thing to do is to go in with an open mind!

  4. i was dreaming about finding a perfect tulle dress last night and this is just it!!! i love it!!

  5. Oh wow! I'm dying. I love this tulle sooo sooo much!

    PetalPetal and VintageChild:Modern

  6. hollyyyy moly, this is beautiful. you're making me want a long dress. you're making me want to KILL for a long dress. i hope you're happy with yourself. let's hope there's not a girl in a dark alleyway this evening with a long dress on in my size...i'm not sure what i'm capable of today.

  7. An elegant fairytale princess dress, gorgeous:)

  8. This dress would be SO MUCH fun to wear :)

  9. Absolutely love, love, love this! And your blog too!

  10. OH.MY.GOD! This is the most gorgeous dress I've seen in a long time. It reminds me a bit of my own dress, minus all the fluffy tulle. I die for it, I want it, I am OBSESSED!!! Totally would have tried this on if it was around when I was gown shopping.

  11. This is a gorgeous dress and i like this your dress and i am so jealous ..
    Thanks for sharing..
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