Darling Detail No. 7: Beads & Sequins

Not only is the rickrack and detail on this dress fabulous, but what I really want to talk about are the gloves...
Darling Detail
Tea-stained crochet with beaded-and-sequined grosgrain bows...
Darling Detail
Such a darling detail to add to or complete your wedding look!

~ Ciao

...image via bhldn

Homemade: Shaped Butter

Hooray for Homemade Thursday!  So before I jump right in to this Thursday's Homemade project, I thought I would tell you a couple of things about me!  Ready?  My food weaknesses (besides salad which is, believe it or not, something that I crave everyday and go through withdrawals without...I know call me crazy) are bacon, BUTTER, bread, cheese and homemade ranch dressing!  And piping hot french fries...love those too.  Yes, these 5 - no 6 little things are what have me doing sit ups, yoga, long fast walks, heel raises while I brush my teeth, and everything else workout related!  Then you add to that how OVER THE MOON I am about details...well then you probably have a better understanding of this post!

About a month ago, I signed up to receive the Country Living magazine through Zinio - so fabulous, and I highly recommend!  Anyhow, I finally just went through the March issue only to run across this...
Butter shaped farm animals!  Oh, I totally had forgotten about butter molds, and was just tickled to see them again.  And I have to be completely honest with you...and tell you that for events and my own engagement party I have used butter molds before. While I didn't have fancy molds like these from Poland By Mail...
..they still turned out darling. However, almost any chocolate mold will work (though I believe the silicone bendable ones are best) and the options for shapes are almost endless.

Yet, the chick and lamb are absolutely adorable aren't they?  So perfect for not only a Spring wedding, shower, etc...but they are perfect for any barnyard wedding or event during any season too!

The best part of all of this - they are so easy to make!  Just let butter soften, pack it into the mold, level off the top and chill until set.  I remember putting mine in the freezer to speed up the process...as I needed to make a couple batches. Easy peasy... and oh so cute!  And yet just another reason for me to love butter!

~ Ciao

...images via country living & poland by mail


Goodness Grapeness

How fabulous are these simple favors...
I love the natural, easy, good for me feeling of them.  I actually said outloud:  "I want one."  Yum, fresh fruit in a cute little bag...all for me.  However, if you wanted some I would most certainly share with you.

A pefectly simple DIY favor that I am adoring right now.  And while you mainly see grapes; the bags are filled with other fruits as well.  What I really love about this idea is that it really would work with any wedding style!  Just change the bag and how it's presented and viloa!

P.S. - And you know I love that they are lined up on a vintage bookcase.  Hmmm, I think I need to get me one of those soon...simply over the moon! 

~ Ciao

...image via ruffled

Who Says

...you can't hang locks from pretty ribbon on a fence as decor?
Who Says
Oh yes, you know I adore this!

~ Ciao

...photography by jose villa


Tuesday Shoesday #17: Rose Gold

Metallic mania?  Wanna join in?  You can easily do so in these Brian Atwood Maniac pumps...
Tuesday Shoesday
Granted I would love to wear these for a wedding event, possibly with this...
Tuesday Shoesday Fashion
Just look at the details...
Tuesday Shoesday Fashion
Matthew Williamson's embellished linen-blend skirt would be fabulous for a rehearsal dinner, a bridal shower, or to take on your honeymoon...granted you might have to take out a loan for this one...but a girl can dream...or look for something similar with a more reasonable price tag!

P.S. - So I swear I found these shoes and uploaded them on March 18th, and when I went to net-a-porter to have a look-see last night, I found the skirt and thought they would look fabulous with the shoes.  Yet, if you look at the pictures of the skirt it is paired with a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes...so I clicked below in the wear with section on the Christian Louboutin shoes to get a better view (not to feature here), and it said they were no longer available.  Then I went back to the skirt, and the Brian Atwood shoes are what showed up!  A sign that I was right along? I think so ;-)  Just made me feel good knowing it was a great match up.  Just had to let you know so you didn't think I copied the look right from net-a-porter!

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~ Ciao

...image via net-a-porter

Tuesday Thought: Twist Ties

Okay, I know what you are thinking...twist ties?  Really?  Yes, really!  I would have never thought that I could actually like twist ties, but I do.  Well let me clarify - I like romanticPINK's on Etsy twist ties.  The twist ties come in pastel... 
Tuesday Thought
and gingham...
Tuesday Thought
Plus there are more styles such as polka dots and raffia ribbon twist ties too.

So your Tuesday Thought for today is:  Use twist ties as an alternative to ribbon or twine!  Don't they look cute in a small cup?  Just add some cellophane bags and have your guests fill them up and tie them off.  There are really so many ways in which you could use - on favors or as favors, on gifts, wrapped around napkins, etc...so get creative. 

P.S. - There are lots of other fabulous finds too such as lace tape, lace doily stickers (would be darling on favors), air mail supplies and more!  So head on over and have a look-see...you just might find what you were looking for...and more.

~ Ciao

...images via romanticpink, found via oh joy



We all know that masks have really made their way into the wedding world.  With them donned not only for photo booth pictures, but bridal party pictures as well...I couldn't help but think that if I was to wear a mask what kind it would be.  And to be honest, I really didn't think that I would find one that I would be over the moon about.  But, lo and behold I did! 

How amazing would it be to have not only the bride, but the bridesmaids as well wear one of these for pictures...
Tuesday Thought
Now this is EXACTLY the type of mask that not only I would wear, but I would ask my girls to wear too!  It is stunning, ethereal, and fun all at the same time.  It would definitely make for some gorgeous pictures of you and the girls, no?

And then when I found out the price tag of this Rocco leather mask in white I just about flipped.  Here I was thinking it would be way to expensive to buy a handful of these...only to find out they are about $42.00 each depending on which style you choose.  Oh yes, there are more styles to choose from!  The masks are made by Tom Banwell, and are sold in his Etsy store...so be sure to head on over and have a look-see at his other designs.

Yep, this would definitely have me mask-arading around in no time ;-)

~ Ciao

...photography by tinywater & masks by tom banwell

Flowers of the Week: 3.28.11

Happy Monday my darlings!  Can you believe that today is the last Monday in March?  Eeks...time really is flying by these days.  Before I know it June will be here...with not only the arrival of Summer, but lots of other goodness too.  I am OVER THE MOON about a little project that I am working on, and will hopefully get to share with you soon...if not before June!

So why don't we start off this last Monday in March with a beautiful bouquet...
Flowers of the Week
Flowers of the Week
Beautiful, no?  I adore the softness of this bouquet, and (of course) the simple wrapped burlap stems.  A perfect bouquet for Spring!

And speaking of Spring, it has rained here almost everyday for the last two weeks, and I am looking forward to the sunshine and warmer temperatures starting today.  They say we are supposed to be in the upper 70's on Thursday which I am just tickled about.  I L-O-V-E warm weather, and am really, really, really (did I say it enough?) am looking forward to being able to get outside!  What are you really looking forward to this week?

~ Ciao

...photography by christine olson via the wedding chicks


Sunday Sweetness

To be swept off your feet...

~ Ciao

...photography by elizabeth messina via her blog kiss the groom


Sweet Spring Green

I couldn't help but post this fabulous cake as it is the prettiest shade of Spring Green...
I am telling you - if I was ever to do a green cake this color would be it!  Hope this adds some sweetness to your Spring day! 

~ Ciao

...photography by elizabeth messina via kiss the groom


Bunny Marshmallows

*First, let me just preface that this is kind of a random post*  I am not one to buy all the pre-packaged holiday sweets and what-not!  I would much rather prefer to do something different like make or create something...so typically me right?  Anyhow, I ran to Target (the place where my money flies out of my purse as soon as I step foot in the door on who knows what...example coming very soon) the other day to pick up some much needed contact solution (a tax write-off...for next year of course) only to be enticed to have a look around.  Go figure.  As I am sure you already know, I found a couple of other things that I did not need.  However, in looking in the Spring section I ran across bunny marshmallows, and thought that I really need to put together an Easter basket for my favorite baby girl (my sister's daughter)!  I love to find all kinds of cute little things (toys, games, t-shirt, socks...I'm a huge sock buyer for some reason...etc...) with just one or two sweets for her.

While I know my sissy is not huge on filling an Easter basket full to the brim with candy for her, I couldn't help but think that she would absolutely be fine with bunny marshmallow.  Don't get me wrong my sissy lets my niece have a little something sweet everyday or almost everyday, but she is so good about not going overboard with it.  Yes, my niece is one of those 4 year olds that can stand in line at the grocery store, right next to the candy section and not ask for one thing!  I was shocked the first time I witnessed it...granted she looked but didn't ask.  So when we got  into the car I said that I couldn't believe that she didn't ask for something...and Cole (my sissy) said she never does...and never has really.  So I know she's doing something right!  Actually a lot of things right!!!

Okay, totally got a tad bit sidetracked - so back to what I meant to talk about...bunny marshmallows...because we all know how totally important those are right?  He he :-)  Goodness gracious do you think I can stay focused today? 

For the third time - Yes, I purchased the bunny marshmallows thinking that they would be cute to put in my niece's Easter basket.  While I have made homemade marshmallows in the past, I think the store bought ones would travel better to Florida for Easter.  (Of course, I will be buying a new bag when I send them.)  Yet, I wouldn't send the bag so I had to come up with a cute way to package them.  Which then got me thinking that they also might be a super simple, cute and fun favor idea (to include in a treat bag or at each place setting or something...) to use at a Spring bridal shower or wedding...the whole point of this post!  Anyhow, here is a simple way I thought was cute...
I have to admit that the bunnies are cute!  I love when the simplest things are in a nice package don't you?  It makes them better somehow doesn't it?

Hopefully my niece is going to think they are extra special bunny marshmallow because they are packaged so pretty.  I have to add a note on the paper inside, at the top, that says:  "Some bunny loves you".  Hey she's four, I can be corny ;-)  Anyhow, just thought I would share how I get sidetracked and throw together a photo shoot together at midnight...ha ha!  Now I need to find lots of other little goodies to go with them.

~ Ciao

...concept, design, styling & photography all by luna and chloe weddings

Homemade: Guest Posting on A Realistic Wedding

Happy Homemade Thursday darlings!  I am guest posting my homemade project today on my lovely friend Claire's fabulous blog, A Realistic Wedding, while she is getting ready for her big day this weekend.  (Yippee! I so very excited for her, and can't wait to see her wedding pictures!) Come see me right here...
a realistic wedding 1

a realistic wedding
To see more of this...
See you there!

~ Ciao

...images via a realistic wedding & luna and chloe weddings


Darling Detail No. 6: Spring Sprig

I have to tell you that I am loving this simple save the date card wrapped with green twine...
Add a petite bloom...and it is downright darling!  And that little birdie is so sweet, don't you think?  So simply perfect for Spring.

~ Ciao

...image (edited) via frolic

Guest Posting on Marry You Me

Hi loves.  I am guest posting on Marry You Me today while Annie is packing up and heading to London!  So come visit me here...
For some fun...
Hope to see you there!

~ Ciao

...image via Marry You Me & luna and chloe weddings

Who Says

...your guests can't fan themselves at your outdoor wedding with butterfly shaped fans?
Who Says
This butterfly is oh so pretty.  And to make it even better, why not have your programs printed on the back! Such a fan-tabulous idea for Spring, no?

~ Ciao

...photography (edited) by elizabeth messina via kiss the groom


Tuesday Shoesday #16: Spring Suede

These See by Chloe suede lace up platforms are perfect for a Spring wedding...
Tuesday Shoesday
They really are darling on!  The color in the picture doesn't really do them justice, as they are a pretty pinky-blush shade.  The cutouts and lace up detail are just darling, no?  Plus, the wider heel make them easier to wear for an outdoor ceremony and reception.  And being See by Chloe versus Chloe makes the price tag more reasonable.  All of these pluses = purchase in my book. 

They kind of have a vintage vibe to them, don't they?  Me likey.

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~ Ciao

...image via net-a-porter

Tuesday Thought: Farmer's Egg Crate

Happy Tuesday my darlings!  So are you ready for your Tuesday Thought today?  Well here it is:  Use Farmer's Egg Crates on your dessert table to hold treats...
Don't the jellybeans look pretty?  And it's simple!  Plus, I had to include a couple pictures of these tulips and narcissus since they are in full bloom and oh so pretty right now.

However, I have to admit that I have multiple Farmer's Egg Crates and I use them from everything from holding jewelry to office and craft supplies...pretty much anything besides eggs!  Hmm, I think I do need to buy another one just for eggs though.

While I have this one filled with jellybeans for Spring, you can really put a variety of desserts in them.  I think they would make the perfect holder for round cake pops, donut holes, truffles, etc...  You can find them at Anthropologie (of course) for $14.00 each.  Yet, they would look so fabulous filled with sweets lining your dessert table...you probably should buy more than one!

~ Ciao

...concept, design, styling & photography all by luna and chloe weddings


Make a Statement

In yellow or green for Spring...
Pretty Little Things
Pretty Little Things
If you don't already know, I will let you in on a little secret...I L-O-V-E Elva Fields creations.  I know I have featured her necklaces before, but I seriously think I need to do a post for each season with some of her newest pieces.  And wanna know something even more fabulous?  She now has a bridal section on her website.  Eeks, now I am over the moon!

~ Ciao

...images via elva fields

Flowers of the Week: 3.21.11

Spring has finally arrived and I couldn't be more thrilled!  Hooray for green grass, fresh blooms, warmer days, eating outside and longer nights.  It's funny how I feel like I hibernate once Winter starts.  Yet, with the arrival of Spring I am running for the front door...wanting to get out and explore. 

Another thing I love about Spring is all the petite flowers that bloom. Grape hyacinth (also known as Muscari), forget-me-knots, snowdrops and narcissus are all fabulous; only making their appearance once a year.  And what an appearance it is...
Flowers of the Week
I love the whole feel of this bouquet!  Like it was gathered on a morning walk and tied together with a pretty ribbon.  And the color is just gorgeous too.  Such a perfect bouquet to welcome Spring, no?

So are you as excited as I am about Spring? Oh, I hope so...as I have some lovely Spring things lined up for this week.  Here's to a great week here at LCW and where ever you are too!

~ Ciao

...images 1 & 2 photography (edited) by lisa warninger image 1 via frolic & image 2 via project wedding


Sunday Sweetness

The first day of Spring.  Where not only flowers bloom, but...
Sunday Sweetness
...too.  So sweet!

~ Ciao

...photography by lane dittoe via wedding chicks


Blogger Day of Silence

Just a friendly reminder that starting at 10:46 pm this evening my blog will be silent to honor and respect the devastation that has occurred in Japan.  To donate or find out more please visit For Japan With Love.
For Japan with Love
I'll be back to normal blogging on Sunday.

~ Ciao

Homemade: Twig Tags

Happy Thursday my dears!  Hope everyone is having a lovely week so far.  Mine has been busy, but fabulous.  And while I didn't again have time to put together my own homemade project together for you, I did find one that I think you will love.  With only three items needed to do, it is something for everyone.

I am adoring these simple twig tags I found in Martha Stewart Living April 2011 issue...
All you need for this project is: (1) small branches 1/4 to 1/2 around; (2) a vegetable peeler; and, (3) a permanent marker.  That's it.

At one end of the branch strip a couple of inches of bark with the vegetable peeler to make a flat surface.  Using the marker add whatever you would like.  If the branch is green and oozes sap when peeled, just allow it to dry overnight before you write on it.

Wouldn't these be great to use at weddings either for escort cards, seating cards, table number markers, or even on the dessert table?  Or you could use them in plant favors with "thank you" written on them.  I really love the simplicity of them, and as always there are lots of other ways to use.  Plus, you could dress them up if you wanted to with some twine and a small sprig if using for seating.  So get creative and see what you can come up with!

P.S. - Sorry the picture is slightly blurry!

~ Ciao

...image via martha stewart


Over the Moon

About Tamar's Etsy shopNest Pretty Things!  Specifically, this Dusty Rose Necklace...
Over the Moon
And...and...and...  Seriously, there are a handful of other lovely things that I am crazy about too...so hard to choose just a couple!

If you haven't been to Tamar's shop before, it is a must see.  I adore the vintage vibe, and that they are handmade.  Lots of darling pieces that are reasonably priced.  Not only is it perfect for a bride, but perfect for bridesmaids gifts too.  Can't you just picture the dusty rose necklace with a soft/light colored or beige bridesmaid dress?  So pretty, no?

~ Ciao

...images via tamar on etsy

Who Says

...you can't make your guests do math to find their seat?
Who Says
Love this unique idea, don't you? 

~ Ciao

...photography by christine chang via ever ours


Tuesday Thought: For Japan With Love

First of all, my sincerest apologies as this post was scheduled to post at 10:00 this morning, but never went up, and I didn't realize it until just now!

With the massive earthquake and tsunami that has forever changed our planet, it seems that I can't think about anything else lately.  It is absolutely mind boggling to me the devastation that has occurred.  One city, you have probably seen on the web or in the news has been completely wiped off the face of this planet...just like that...gone...like it had never existed.  But it did exist, and really hits home even more knowing that an extended family member lived in that city, that is now gone, for 13 years as a teacher.  And this is only one city! 

I can't help by cry every time I think of the lives, families, loves and friends lost.  It is so very hard to lose everything you own...I can't even compare when I was robbed, even though they took every.single.thing to what these people are going through...as I still had a home, water, electricity and family around for support.  So my Tuesday Thought this week is:  if you want to do something, make a difference, and show your support then please, please, please help...
For Japan with Love
A couple of fabulous and amazing ladies, Lydia of Ever Ours, and Lucia and Henny of Utterly Engaged have teamed up and organized - For Japan With Love, a fundraiser for earthquake and tsunami relief.

All of the donations from For Japan With Love will go to Shelterbox, which provides emergency shelter and lifesaving supplies for families around the world who are affected by disasters at the time when they need it the most.  Each large, green ShelterBox is tailored to a disaster but typically contains a disaster relief tent for an extended family, blankets, water storage and purification equipment, cooking utensils, a stove, a basic tool kit, a children’s activity pack and other vital items.

Please join us this Friday March 18th in the Bloggers Day of Silence.  My blog will be silent on Friday, March 18th, (meaning no posts) to honor and respect the devastation that has occurred in Japan.

Blogger friends if you're interested in participating, please contact lydia@ever-ours.com or info@utterlyengaged.com for more information.

~ Ciao

Tuesday Shoesday #15: Enmeshed

Oh how I would love to be enmeshed in these Burberry Prorsum sandals...
Tuesday Shoesday
Wouldn't you?

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~ Ciao

...image via net-a-porter


Darling Detail No. 5: Moss & Wood

...has never looked so good!
You betcha I am over the moon about this!  I love that it is rustic and eco-friendly, yet still sophisticated.  Just darling, no?

~ Ciao

...photography by elizabeth messina via wedding chicks

Flowers of the Week 3.14.11

Happy Monday loves!  Did everyone remember to spring forward on Sunday?  It's kind of hard to forget these days when cell phones do it for you.

Anyhow, do you know that this coming Sunday is the first day of Spring?  I am just so excited about Spring - as it is the newness of everything, plus the warmer weather of course, that is so fresh and invigorating to me.  And since Spring is officially just days away, I thought I would celebrate with one OVER THE MOON bouquet!  Have a look-see at this...
Flowers of the Week
Oh, you bet your buttons this bouquet just got added to my favorite list! Go ahead and stare, as it is one time when it is absolutely fine to do so.  I did for quite some time trying to soak up all the gorgeousness!   And then had to come back a couple more times just to make sure it was really that fabulous.  And yes, it really is that fabulous ;-)  Hope this adds some pretty to your day!

Looking forward to a good week here at LCW!  And there is a Darling Detail post coming up around 10:00 a.m. that you might want to see.

~ Ciao

...photography by tiny water


Sunday Sweetness

Handwritten letters...
Sunday Sweetness
...are just so very sweet!

~ Ciao

...image via a cottage in the woods


Picture Perfect Palette No. 4

Yippee it's Friday!  I am so excited that this week is over, as it has been a roller coaster of a week.  And as much as I like riding on roller coasters at theme parks, I really do not care riding them in life...if that makes any sense.  I try very hard not to complain, but I can definitely say that I am happy this week is over...that's not complaining is it?  However, it makes me ever the more thankful for the majority of my weeks that are, besides crazy and busy, not roller coaster rides ;-)

So for this week's PPP I was really in the mood for some soft and mellow colors - obviously very much my style.  Even though this is a soft palette once again, wait to you see the fabulous styles you can create with it.  They were so good I had to include two pictures for each!  And don't get me wrong...I love color, but after a week like this it's the softer palettes that appeal to me.  Yet, fret not as I have some very colorful inspiration planned for next week's PPP.

Anyhoo - moving on, here is your PPP for this week...
Hmmm, no wonder I like this now that I think about it - a cottage garden is serene and calming, which makes total sense why I chose it for this week.  This palette works beautifully with the style.  I love the faded and worn terra cotta pots and they would be perfect for centerpieces of white garden roses.  I can picture wooden tables with a creamy table runner, doilies or vintage linens, the pale grey-blue would be brought in on napkins with twine keeping them rolled, and I would use the markers as escort cards in an old wooden crate.   Quite lovely, no?

However, this palette is amazing for a woodsy organic style...
Picture Perfect Palette 4
Did I not tell you?  Oh these colors are perfection with this decor.  How fabulous is the pale grey-blue that is incorporated in the brides bouquet and on the tables.  The bridesmaids dresses are just the perfect match too.  All the wood brings in the browns and the grey.  Twine is an element as well for this style and looks wonderful wrapped around jars filled with candles.  Not a lot of color, but tons of impact!  And I love that, as it is quite unexpected.

But wait - the goodness doesn't stop there!  Oh no, this french outdoor style really is amazing with this palette too...
Picture Perfect Palette 4
And oh my goodness a cheese and bread table - heaven in my world!  While the pale grey-blue doesn't play a very prominent role in this style, it can easily be brought in with some linens or flowers.  Not that you have to include every color, but you could easily incorporate it.  However, the Roquefort and Stilton (not included in this picture, but was in the photo shoot) cheese brings in hints of the grey-blue, and the shadows that are cast from the 150 year old trees above do give the white cake plates a grey-blue hue.  Nonetheless, this palette is still gorgeous for french outdoor inspiration.

One palette used for three different styles, but all still perfect in there own way.  So tell me loves...do you like one of the styles best for this palette?   Would love to hear your thoughts.  Oh, and I have to tell you - this palette is perfect for the beach too.

~ Ciao

...image 1 via a cottage in the woods , 2 & 3 photography by jasmine star via green wedding shoes & 4 & 5 photography by michael and anna costa via style me pretty


Homemade: Pennant Stamp

Hello my dears!  Happy Homemade Thursday to you.  Do I have a fabulous treat for you today.  I ran across a blog yesterday that had a lot of homemade projects, and spent my time going through page after page (please tell me I am not the only one that does this), before I realized that it was way to late for me to finish putting together what I was working on for today and still manage to actually function ;-)

So I thought that I would share with you one of the homemade projects that I found, and that I was just over the moon about.  This wonderful homemade pennant stamp by Cathe of Just Something I Made...which you might have seen before, but I still thought I would share with you...
How darling is that?  And you only need a couple of items to make...
And you know my head is spinning with all kinds of ideas here!  Looks so cute on packaging...
But for all the DIYers out there, I think this would be fabulous to use on save the dates, invitations, thank yous, menu cards, escort cards, dessert table, napkins, ...oh and the list goes on and on!  But it would also be fabulous just to have to decorate with too.

For the complete step-by-step, please click here to be linked to Cathe's tutorial.  However, you just might spend the morning/afternoon/evening looking around!  I also liked the advent spool calender, and the happy pancakes.

So I am curious...what would you use this stamp on?

~ Ciao

...images via just something i made


Darling Detail No. 4: Chair Bouquets

Now I know most of us have seen flowers adorning aisle chairs and pews, however, these small bouquets are just darling...
Darling Detail
Queen Anne's Lace and Billy Buttons, yes please!  I adore the yellow and the white, and how they are wrapped like bouquets.  Such a sweet detail, no?

~ Ciao

...image via wedding chicks

Who Says

...your bouquet can't have artichokes in it?
Who Says
L-O-V-E it!

I have to tell you that artichokes are very special to me.  You see, I grew up with my family growing artichokes here in California.  I could eat artichokes every.day.of.my.life and never tire of them!  Oh yes, love them deep fried...my hips not so much, but me LOVE.  I love them marinated, and eat them right out of the jar with a fork (bad habit).  And if you have never had a wine grilled artichoke with aioli - you must try!  A little bit of heaven I tell you.  Yet, mostly growing up we just ate them plain, cut fresh from the fields, steamed and with their ends dipped in a bit of mayonnaise...might sound yucky, but don't knock it until you've tried it ;-)

I remember as kids my brother (who is 14 months older than me) and I would ride my uncle's horses, Tom and Jerry (no lie that was their names, and we didn't name them) bareback through the artichoke fields.  We used to ride out, and of course race back.  Such a vivid memory in my mind of very, very happy times.

But I am OVER THE MOON to see them making their way into the wedding world!  More and more weddings are incorporating these beauties into the decor and I couldn't be more tickled.  And in case you missed it, Jacin of Lovely Little Details did a fabulous post, that included a delicious recipe, all about artichokes and the many ways in which to incorporate them into your wedding.  Click right here to have a look-see.

P.S - Guess what I am having for dinner tonight?  Yummy!

~ Ciao

...images via wedding chicks