Homemade: Shaped Butter

Hooray for Homemade Thursday!  So before I jump right in to this Thursday's Homemade project, I thought I would tell you a couple of things about me!  Ready?  My food weaknesses (besides salad which is, believe it or not, something that I crave everyday and go through withdrawals without...I know call me crazy) are bacon, BUTTER, bread, cheese and homemade ranch dressing!  And piping hot french fries...love those too.  Yes, these 5 - no 6 little things are what have me doing sit ups, yoga, long fast walks, heel raises while I brush my teeth, and everything else workout related!  Then you add to that how OVER THE MOON I am about details...well then you probably have a better understanding of this post!

About a month ago, I signed up to receive the Country Living magazine through Zinio - so fabulous, and I highly recommend!  Anyhow, I finally just went through the March issue only to run across this...
Butter shaped farm animals!  Oh, I totally had forgotten about butter molds, and was just tickled to see them again.  And I have to be completely honest with you...and tell you that for events and my own engagement party I have used butter molds before. While I didn't have fancy molds like these from Poland By Mail...
..they still turned out darling. However, almost any chocolate mold will work (though I believe the silicone bendable ones are best) and the options for shapes are almost endless.

Yet, the chick and lamb are absolutely adorable aren't they?  So perfect for not only a Spring wedding, shower, etc...but they are perfect for any barnyard wedding or event during any season too!

The best part of all of this - they are so easy to make!  Just let butter soften, pack it into the mold, level off the top and chill until set.  I remember putting mine in the freezer to speed up the process...as I needed to make a couple batches. Easy peasy... and oh so cute!  And yet just another reason for me to love butter!

~ Ciao

...images via country living & poland by mail


  1. How cute is that bird? What a perfect detail to a Easter or spring brunch, right? So cute.

  2. those are so cute!!! looking them up now! i love them.

  3. what a great idea!! i've been meaning to try my hand at making homemade butter, now I got to do it! Great idea about using chocolate molds, too!!

  4. WHAT?! where do you find this stuff, kristi!?

  5. Wow they are cute.... and since I don't do dairy these days I wouldn't have to destroy them!! Um and heal raises whilst cleaning teeth!! LOL!!!

  6. so freaking cute!!! i'm loving the birdie one

  7. Such a cool little detail ~ you wouldn't normally think to mold butter! Love it!

  8. get out of town! This is so cool and so easy even I can do it! Love idea and will definitely be making my own shaped butter! Wouldn't it be great for herb butter too? Mmmm..