Homemade: Twig Tags

Happy Thursday my dears!  Hope everyone is having a lovely week so far.  Mine has been busy, but fabulous.  And while I didn't again have time to put together my own homemade project together for you, I did find one that I think you will love.  With only three items needed to do, it is something for everyone.

I am adoring these simple twig tags I found in Martha Stewart Living April 2011 issue...
All you need for this project is: (1) small branches 1/4 to 1/2 around; (2) a vegetable peeler; and, (3) a permanent marker.  That's it.

At one end of the branch strip a couple of inches of bark with the vegetable peeler to make a flat surface.  Using the marker add whatever you would like.  If the branch is green and oozes sap when peeled, just allow it to dry overnight before you write on it.

Wouldn't these be great to use at weddings either for escort cards, seating cards, table number markers, or even on the dessert table?  Or you could use them in plant favors with "thank you" written on them.  I really love the simplicity of them, and as always there are lots of other ways to use.  Plus, you could dress them up if you wanted to with some twine and a small sprig if using for seating.  So get creative and see what you can come up with!

P.S. - Sorry the picture is slightly blurry!

~ Ciao

...image via martha stewart